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Rock n’ Roll is not dead thanks to DJ Emz! Otherwise known as Emily Mashak, a student and music enthusiast who has been keeping the heart of classic rock alive with her radio show Through [...]

A Man Who Stands By His Brownies

Fort Collins Maka Kala’i, Pot Retailer and Director of Sales and Marketing for Organic Alternatives Dispensary, recently appeared in the NPR broadcast, “How Much Pot is in That Brownie? Wyoming Moves to Toughen Edible Marijuana Laws.” […]

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Joe Jencks: Classic Folk for Contemporary Times

By: Dan Peacock, New SCENE Accomplished Folk musician and boisterous baritone Joe Jencks recently visited Fort Collins on a cozy Sunday night, tucked in the corner-stage of a packed Avogadro’s Number. With his mandolin, teardrop [...]

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Meet The Jazz Master

By Rachael E. Worthington Few jazz artists can lay claim to having performed with Sting, The Grateful Dead, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and Dizzy Gillespie. Far fewer have helped to develop a community for displaced [...]

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More Than Music at KCSU

KCSU is known for its delivery of new music and support for local artists. This college radio station also ensures to support students in sports broadcasting. The KCSU Sports Department is a ever-growing part of [...]


Malt Is The New Hops, And It’s Made in Fort Collins

Justin Crossley The craft beer craze in America has arguably been driven by hops. While other countries focused on hops for more restrained purposes, such as adding balance and mild spicy or flowery flavors and [...]

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Stelth Ulvang

What leads a person to success? Is it passion? Talent? Hard work? Is it just being in the right place at the time? Stelth Ulvang, a pianist for the indie folk-rock band The Lumineers, solo [...]

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FOCO MX Performance Listing

The New Scene Magazine is happy to be a Media Sponsor of the 10th annual FOCO MX X on Friday, April 27 – Saturday, April 28. With more than 300 bands this year, there is [...]


A Night With the Bros at Jim’s Wings

Everyone knows how the saying goes, so it is important to remember to have a night dedicated to the bros every so often. A perfect place for a night away with the guys is Jim’s [...]