A Look Back: Rusted Root at Red Rocks on July 4

In photo: Chris Barron from Spin Doctors and Liz Berlin from Rusted Root

By: Michael Emanuele
Photos by: Backstage Flash


The day started out normal for the band until they reached Colorado. The altitude had a bit to say to lead singer and guitar player Michael Glabicki. He was not feeling well and eventually the onsite doctors decided it was not wise for him to perform. The “show must go on” they say, and it did. The rest of the band – Liz Berlin on vocals and now guitar, along with Dirk Miller, Zil Fessler and Bobby Schneck, Jr. – played on. They performed a different type of set. Liz sang vocal parts she does not usually sing and played guitar as well. It was unrehearsed and pulled off beautifully. They did some numbers they would not normally do too. Chris Barron from the Spin Doctors joined in and they did an Elvis Presley cover of “Suspicious Minds.” John Popper of Blues Traveler, the host of this annual 4th of July event, sat in and did a Rusted Root song called “Moon” from the same titled album. All and all it was a spectacular set and was very well received by the audience. The band said that they are testing out new songs at shows while on the road through October and recording when they are not on the road. Michael is feeling much better and the band’s tour continues on. I could not have spent the day with a nicer group of people.