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Fun American Music: Bison Bone

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Bison Bone describes themselves as a working-class Americana Rock band from Denver, CO. Bison Bone is playing Magic Rat on June 7, 2018, premiering a new lineup of musicians and debuting some unreleased tunes. Part […]

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Record review: Tony Zain “Ghost of the Americas”

by Jasco Jasco is co-owner of the Recordium, guitarist for The Symbols, and promoter for I Slept with the Band festival. Tony Zain came to the Recordium a while back to record a song. I [...]

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ARISE Festival recommended schedule

Looking through all of the ARISE Festival options can be a daunting task. Have you ever wished that you could just get some recommendations? We have them. Here are the New SCENE’s top picks along [...]

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Arise: A weekend full of talent

ARISE Music Festival is in its 6th year. The festival (August 3 – 5) will feature 3 days of a musically diverse, festival-wonderland experience on 7 stages of live music, camping, yoga, workshops, theme camps [...]

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Fat Stallion releases new single

1999 was released June 30th, 2018 by the local band Fat Stallion, the second of three singles to be released from their new album Diverted Eyes. Fat Stallion are pioneers the Experience Rock genre – inviting all [...]

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Dopamine and More Metal from In the Whale

With the current state of the music industry, some bands can fly pretty high under the radar if you don’t pay attention. The rise of independent musicians taking charge of their business by self-promotion, booking [...]

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Goodbye For Now Honey Honey

Making something that people care about is probably the best the band Honey Honey ever aims to do. The Los Angeles duo always strive to do better and make a change in the world, seeking [...]

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Rob Drabkin: Hope and Positive Change Through Music

When Rob Drabkin found music, he kicked science to the curb. That was in high school when academics was supposed to be his priority, and he was actually pretty talented at both. “I was brought up [...]

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Fort Collins Alternative Health Clinic Paves the Way to the Future of Healthcare

Let’s face it, our healthcare system is broken and bleeding us dry; draining our patience, our finances, and limiting our treatment options at every turn. As a response, a number of medical doctors have chosen [...]

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Hazel Miller to perform at milestone Pianos About town event

Fort Collins’ eight-year-old Pianos About Town program will celebrate 100 painted pianos with a special community event on Aug. 2. The event will take place as part of Bohemian Nights Presents Thursday Night Live, from 7-9 p.m. in [...]

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Bonnie & the Clydes to perform at Women of Summer Concert Series

The Wellington Summer Concert Series is back again with this year’s Women of Summer theme. Three concerts held on the third Saturday of the months of June, July, and August, all featuring women led bands. [...]

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City Girl Goes Outdoors Again: If You’ve Never Camped Before (and how to do it)

It’s July, there’s no question that summer is finally upon us, and camping season is in full swing. But, if you’re anything like how I used to be, you haven’t a single clue about how [...]


Top 5 Ice Cream places in NoCo

1. Walrus Ice Cream: Fort Collins Is your day calling for something a little more than an ice cream cone? Then stop by Walrus’s Ice Cream in downtown Fort Collins and try a Saturdae— a [...]