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    Delta Rae at Washington’s tomorrow

    Delta Rae Six-piece band Delta Rae hails from Durham, NC with Liz Hopkins and Brittany Holljes fronting the robust group with sultry harmonies rounded out by Holljes’ brothers Eric (vocals, piano) and Ian (vocals, guitar) [...]
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    A Basin – Open for the season!

    Breaking news! Ski season is here! Today is opening day for A- Basin.   Today A basin opens today from 3:30-5:30 P.M. for the 2019/2020 winter season!  $15 lift tickets and $5 beers at the 6th [...]
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    Outpost Sunsport Presents Timeless

    Ski and snowboard enthusiasts will get their adrenaline rush before actually hitting the slopes with Timeless, the newest movie from Warren Miller Entertainment. Presented by Outpost Sunsport, the much-anticipated films have become a tradition for winter sports [...]
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    Coda Signature Fruit Notes

    Lauren Gockley, the Director of Edibles at Coda Signature, spent a lifetime working in restaurants, then ten years ago she transitioned exclusively into chocolates. Gockley’s passion took her to France, Paris, and all around the [...]
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Delta Rae at Washington’s tomorrow

by Cynthia in Featured 0

Delta Rae Six-piece band Delta Rae hails from Durham, NC with Liz Hopkins and Brittany Holljes fronting the robust group with sultry harmonies rounded out by Holljes’ brothers Eric (vocals, piano) and Ian (vocals, guitar) [...]

Music News

Death Knell for the Widow’s Bane?

By Steve Graham Widow’s Bane frontman Mortimer Leech claims his upcoming Halloween shows in Estes Park and Fort Collins may be the swan song for his band of undead “God willing, it will be the last show I will ever play in my life,” said Leech. “There’s too many low-life scum-sucking swine in the music business.” With tongue always in cheek, Leech spoke by phone in a gravelly, spooky accent […]

2019 October Virtuoso Series Concerts

By Chloie Piveral, Communications Assistant, University Center for the Arts (970) 491-5891, Chloie.Piveral@colostate.edu The Colorado State University 2019 Virtuoso Series Concerts, presented by the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, continues this October with two performances by CSU faculty. Information about each performance is included below. The two concerts all take place at 7:30 p.m. at the University Center for the Arts, located at 1400 Remington St. Margaret Miller, Viola With Tim […]

The Music District turns three

The Evolution The Music District (MD) is celebrating three years since conception and they have been listening to the community. MD is developing its programming around the needs of the community and the demands of the industry.   Kyle James Hauser, Artist Development Manager says, “We opened our doors so the community could come to us. We try to just listen and observe and sympathize or empathize and then now […]

In Tune, An Honest Conversation For Musicians and Mental Health

  Fort Collins Music Association and The Colorado Sound come together to present In Tune, a safe space for creatives to open up about mental health. This is just the beginning of the conversation with the hope it’s a continual series. In Tune is at The Lyric on September 23 at 6 pm. Snacks, a film, an open forum discussion with a few local musicians who have gone through their […]

It’s all in the mix

SF1 deftly blends genres, art forms By Steve Graham Shane Franklin is a radio personality for both a Top 40 pop station and a hard rock station. If that seems incongruous, you haven’t seen Franklin’s other project, SF1. “I like to just call it music,” Franklin said of the eclectic blend of rap, soul, jazz and rock he brings to his albums as SF1. His live shows are even more […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Local Culture, Arts & Community


By Kate Forgach White roses tumbled out of a full vase on the day everything changed at OpenStage Theatre and Company. The luscious blooms were a gift from the Theatre’s co-founder to her successor, a change long in the making.  August 1 was the official date OpenStage Co-founder and Producing Artistic Director Denise Bryson Freestone stepped back into a consulting position and Sydney Parks Smith took over the artistic reigns. […]


Tom Kha Asian Bistro: Creative International Fusion

With all the entrees you expect in a Thai restaurant like the usual Pad Thai and Curries, imagine turning a menu page and coming upon many happy surprises. With a wide assortment of fresh Seafood, Oysters and Clams, Rack of Lamb cooked on an Asian grill, and dishes that make you wonder like Thai Cioppino Stew, Thai Fajitas, Thai Pescatore Seafood Pasta, Hong Kong Flounder, Korean Ribs, and among many, […]


Kicking breast cancer

Independent local martial arts studio hosts Kickathon fundraiser By Steve Graham Andrew Beck spends most of the year teaching tae kwon do punches, kicks and blocks. But this month, he is focused on a different kind of sparring — the fight against breast cancer. Beck is the chief instructor at Becks’ Martial Arts, which he launched with his wife Rebecca in 2018. The school will host the fifth annual Kickathon, with […]


Top 5 Breweries to Visit this Fall 

Equinox Brewing | Fort Collins Nestled close to Old Town Square in Fort Collins, Equinox Brewing is a great place to unwind after work or swing by on a Saturday afternoon. Equinox focuses on the social aspect of beer: bringing people together to enjoy a good brew, chat about their lives and listen to local music. You won’t find TV’s here, either. Equinox also has an outdoor beer garden to […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Top 5 Summer Patios in Northern Colorado

Odell Brewing Company | Fort Collins Is there anything better than beer and sunshine? How about a few of your closest friends and some good dogs to round out the perfect vibe? Located near Old Town in Fort Collins, Odell Brewing Company’s patio is always hopping. Stop by after work or on the weekends for local food trucks, delicious beer and usually a fantastic live band. Local tip? Every third […]

Family friendly breweries

Craft Brewed Kids

Are Breweries Truly Family Friendly?   In Northern Colorado, breweries are so much more than a yummy, bubbly production facility. They promote healthy lifestyles by being bike accessible, encourage community and culture through live music and advocate for families by providing enclosed, comfortable spaces. Taprooms have become a magnet for parents. I mean, how many places can you can drink quality beer, bring your own gluten-free snacks, get your kids […]

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