Musketeer Gripweed – Dyin’ Day

By Conor Hooley In Dyin’ Day, you have an album that not only embraces its Southern Rock clichés, but does so with such commitment and enthusiasm that it actually makes them work. More importantly, Musketeer Gripweed’s talent for extracting the best parts of the genre and keeping everything interesting is certainly unique. Dyin’ Day is a concept album set in Jim Crow-era Mississippi and centered around a fictional patch of […]

Jubilant Bridge – Power Lines

By Devin Morse The album Power Lines by Jubilant Bridge falls somewhere in-between Emmy-Lou Harris, John Prine, and the soundtrack for the Christopher Guest mockumentary A Mighty Wind. Needless to say, this 11-track lullaby isn’t exactly a “get up and dance” sort of affair, but rather a “sit with a cup of tea and reflect on the ant farms of your past” type of gesture. The duo of Carol Van […]

Trichome – Where Creation Now Grows

By Brady Smith The grassroots Fort Collins-based reggae band Trichome breaks through in their debut album, Where Creation Now Grows. Like the name implies, this pot-induced, reggae-infused musical montage floods the senses with catchy riffs and meandering instrumentals that build throughout the album. This band has made a name for themselves in their hometowns of Greeley and Fort Collins, and now, with the release of their album, the group is […]

Elephant Revival – Break in the Clouds

By Marlee Keeven Elephant Revival stays true to themselves in their second studio release, Break in the Clouds. Not much has changed stylistically, but musically they’ve become more and more refined. They are self-proclaimed “transcendental folk,” and this truly describes the band’s sound. Vocally, this doesn’t sound like your typical folk band, but that’s what makes Elephant Revival stand out. The way in which they match the vocals to the […]

Amazon Profiles Local Musician

Nathaniel Rateliff, Denver singer-songwriter extraordinaire, has had quite the year. He was recently signed to Rounder Records, a major independent label representing folk greats like Mary Chapin Carpenter and Robert Plant (who recently released a folk album, Band of Joy). He released his first album with Rounder, In Memory of Loss, to rave reviews. And now? recently featured Memory of Loss as one of the “Outstanding 2010 Albums You […]

Goodbye, Record Labels

  Denver music bigshots the Flobots recently decided to part ways with the label that made them big (Universal Republic Records), most likely because sales of their second album, Survival Story, didn’t compare to those of their debut album, Fight with Tools. And they’re not alone: Meese split with Atlantic in March (the Meese brothers have launched a brand new band called The Centennial), Single File recently left Reprise Records, […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Ace Gillett's Brings Jazz Music & Relaxed Ambience to Downtown FoCo

By Lindsay Nichols If you don’t know where to find it, there’s a good chance you might walk right by the newest jazz lounge to pop up in downtown Fort Collins – Ace Gillett’s – and not even know it. Gillett’s opened its doors in March, 2010, and it didn’t take long for many locals to hear about this hidden gem through the grapevine, discover the somewhat incognito entrance below […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Local Artist Uses Medium to Raise Money for Haiti

By Maggie Canty-Shafer Artist Abby Sponaugle can find hope in a trashcan. After rebuilding an orphanage destroyed by the hurricane in Haiti, the 23-year-old artist painted 32 of the resident children’s portraits on old window frames purchased from ReSource. She sells them for $150 – the price of the child’s education for one year. “I wanted a more creative form of school sponsorship,” she said. “Something tangible, that could add […]

Broken Tongues – EP

By Devin Morse This six-piece hip-hop fusion group from Denver is as much about instrumentals as it is about vocal talent. In this three-song EP, Broken Tongues approaches hip-hop from several distinct angles, each song giving equal weight to both musical and lyrical creativity in a rather seamless blend. As evidenced by their wide choice of musical styles, Broken Tongues is all about breaking genres. This is seen in the […]

Hot Gazpacho – Viscosity

By Conor Hooley “Viscosity” refers to a fluid’s resistive properties or, more simply, the thickness of a given liquid – water has a low viscosity, whereas molasses has a much higher one. Hot Gazpacho’s new CD presumably qualifies as the latter, offering up an array of slow-cooked, textured tracks. The vocal-less album sinks or swims on the quality of the soundscapes, and this nine-track outing comes across as crisp and […]