Left Foot Green – Fun with Vengeance

By Conor Hooley “This whole f***ing song is nonsense.” The line comes less than three minutes into the album, and it’s a fairly good mission statement for what comes after. Left Foot Green’s aptly titled Fun With Vengeance is straightforward, searing, entirely unsubtle punk rock. For better or worse. The group mows through their new seven-song CD at a furious pace, with lead singer Justin Hamed driving the action and […]

Jaden Carlson – Tell Me What You See

By Dusty Ray Not every 9-year-old can boast that they have shared the stage with the likes of Spearhead and Melvin Seals. Jaden Carlson has, and her talent shines through on Tell Me What You See. Driven by Carlson’s humming acoustic guitar, the band holds tight through folk-infused ballads sung with full heart and soul. The laidback mood of the album is set early on with the track “These Walls.” […]

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Celtic Crossroads Bring World Fusion Tour to Budweiser Events Center

By Charlie Englar On March 29, Celtic Crossroads, a forceful extravaganza of Irish music and theatre, will make a stop at the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland as a part of their World Fusion Tour. Starting off as a street show in Galway City on the west coast of Ireland in 2005, the group morphed and grew into a theatre-level production in 2007. Since then, the members have been touring […]

Immortal Dominion – Primortal

By Dusty Ray Fort Collins’ heavy metal badasses Immortal Dominion are back with a new and diverse release, Primortal. With producer Sterling Winfield (Pantera, Damageplan) backing them up, Primortal is a gem of good music production and a showcase of Immortal Dominion’s metal abilities. From deeply melodic phrases to machine-gun double-kick heaviness, straight rock vocals to the anger driven growls, the musical ideas of Primortal are vast and well executed. […]

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Springdale Quartet Brings the Noise

By Dave Schutz Boulder’s Springdale Quartet plan to release their first album, Noise Factory, on April 18 – four years to the day since they played their first show. The process that led to Noise Factory started not long after that performance, with the band beginning work in 2008 with engineer Brad Smalling – owner of Evergroove Studios – and culminating with a marathon three-day session last November to lay […]