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Bohemian Foundation Mural Makes Downtown Debut

By Molly McCowan If you’ve been wandering the streets of Old Town lately, you may have wondered how a two-story mural could have appeared almost overnight. The newest mural in Fort Collins, which runs between Mountain Avenue and Walnut Street (between Bohemian Companies and the Fort Collins Food Co-op), was installed and opened to the public on April 29. But this was no one-night wonder – The concept for the […]

John Magnie at Boheminan Nights at NewWestFest 2017. Photo by Cynthia Wilson.

3 Twins: An Abridged Family History

3 Twins changed after headlining Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest By Conor Hooley A lot can happen in a quarter of a century. In the last 25 years alone, five different presidents have held the oval office, four Die Hard movies have been made and the Denver Nuggets have even won three playoff series. In Fort Collins, a countless array of bands have come and gone in that time span; some […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Painting the Town Red Rocks: Local Artist Paints World-Class Venue

By Maggie Canty-Shafer Julie Downing doesn’t stop just to smell the flowers. She stops to revel in their design, their beauty and intricacies. She stops to soak in each petal and leaf, the colors and contrast, the miracle of its life. She stops to thank what she knows as Mother Nature for such a perfect and delicate piece of artwork, and also to wonder how she’ll incorporate it into her […]

Music News

Expanding Consciousness – The Holler! Bridges the Gap Between Folk and Psychedelia

By Dave Schutz “So I was thinking, for this article, the headline should say, ‘San Pedro is the only hallucinogen sanctioned by the Catholic Church,’” laughs Michael Kirkpatrick, guitarist, vocalist and founding member of The Holler!, referring to the potted cactus next to his couch. The joke stems from a discussion about journalists using a band profile as a guise from which to run with their own ideas, and Kirkpatrick […]


Genoa Coffee & Wine – Where Style Meets Food, Drinks & Music

By Chris Pepper-Yowell When it comes to elegance and good taste, Genoa Coffee and Wine knows exactly what it means to provide their customers with a chic, laidback experience of classic Italy. Located at 2614 South Timberline Road, Genoa has been around for over six years. It changed ownership in 2009, and Michael Burns and his family currently manage it. It has become a local hotspot for good food, great […]

Rachel Platten – Be Here

By Devin Morse Clean, catchy, and upbeat, Rachel Platten is a nice little twist on an age-old musical formula. Be Here is a pop-frankenstein of sorts – recalling bits of Carole King, Alanis Morissette, Regina Spektor, and The Beatles. Platten’s voice is light, simple, and squeaky clean: a perfect complement to her music’s carefree gist. Even when the mood and subject matter turn a shade darker, the innocence of her […]

Gallery Closes its Doors

The Gallery Underground, an alternative gallery located in Old Town and owned by Darren Mahuron, closed its doors in April. The closing was brought about by fire safety regulations that limited the gallery’s capacity to 49 people – a limit easily exceeded on every First Friday opening. Mahuron felt that it was time to “go out on a positive note” and move forward with new projects. He will still occupy […]

Music News

The Mish to Make Opening Splash with Return of Waterfront Music Festival

By Charlie Englar The Waterfront Music Festival will once again return to the Mishawaka Amphitheatre May 20-22 for the second annual gathering. Many of the same artists who graced the stage last year will be on hand for this year’s version of the Silverfox Productions event. The heavily bluegrass-leaning lineup features Fort Collins’ own Head for the Hills as the headliner for the festival, while also boasting favorites such as […]

MiMOSA – 58 degrees

By Brady Smith So you think white boys can’t dance? Play this album and see what the whitest kids you know can do. Even though the title of the album is 40 degrees away from one of the worst boy bands created, 58 Degrees joins the body-blasting shakes of dubstep with obliging dulcet synth and piles of crunchy samples. Although the album only teases you with its five-track, sixteen-minute trip […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Art Lab Gatherings Bring Creative Community Together to Show Support

By Emily Clingman-Johnson When Lauren Howell won an award for the best community art idea last October, she was so happy she cried. Howell participated in Supper Club; a new event sponsored by Art Lab. Art Lab is an experimental art space that transforms empty storefronts into locations that house working artists, gallery shows and music events. Currently located at 239 Linden Street, the space puts on the Supper Club […]