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Review: Bootsy Collins @ Boulder Theatre, June 6, 2011

By Molly McCowan The Boulder Theatre is one of the most unique venues along the Front Range. Emblazoned with a huge marquee and located right next to Pearl Street, it combines an old-school feel with a new-world attitude. The theatre has been pulling a lot of big acts to the city in the last months, including Danzig, Sheryl Crow, Iron & Wine, and, most recently, the king of funk himself, […]

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Oh, The Irony – True Aristocrats a Study of Contrasts

By Dave Schutz A lot of people would kill for teleportation technology, not least among them the average touring musician. Ironically, just as the Internet is shrinking the globe in terms of the ability to get music in the hands of potential fans, rising gas prices and a crappy economy have made it harder for small bands to actually get to those fans in person and to make money doing […]

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Seventh Annual Blues Festival to Bring Soul, Steel Guitars to Greeley

By Charlie Englar On June 10-11, the city of Greeley will play host to one of the biggest, most happening early summer backyard parties that the state of Colorado has to offer. Entering its seventh year, the Greeley Blues Jam (GBJ) is quickly solidifying itself as one of the premier blues festivals for not just Colorado, but the entire country. The multiple forms of evidence for this claim come in […]

Wire Faces – Diamonds & Gold EP

By Molly McCowan The hook that Wire Faces lays down in the first track on Diamonds & Gold – entitled “Magic Mountain” – is one that wriggles and buzzes in the net between your ears. It’s sticky, in a hum-it-in-your-sleep kind of way. Wire Faces is Shane Zweygardt on drums/lead vocals, Ian Haygood on guitar/vocals and Menyus Borocz on bass. Diamonds & Gold, the newest release from the trio, is […]

David Michael Boyd – guitART

By Dusty Ray David Michael Boyd has created a rich and diverse album with guitART. Everything from delta blues, melodramatic classical to free jazz is revealed in this technically impressive cut. Boyd’s guitar work is the showcase, and his talent is blatantly apparent. Boyd fingerpicks, taps, and strums his way up and down the neck of an assortment of guitars. A 1969 Martin S28S, a Fender Strat and a Breedlove […]

Matt Smiley – Quartet Art

By Dusty Ray Matt Smiley might be best known for his work with Fort Collins’ own Subterranean Jazz Trio, but his own improvisational and compositional ability is shown in full force with his latest cut, Quartet Art. Smiley is at one with his upright bass, driving the songs on with precision and depth. At times the album sings with the technical complexity of Chris Potter, at others it screams with […]

Springdale Quartet – Noise Factory

By Devin Morse In the most quintessential way, Springdale Quartet is a jam band. This instrumental, Boulder based funk/jazz fusion outfi t threads upbeat rhythms with playful organ and guitar riffs in a manner that the word “crunchy” somehow describes perfectly. Surely, the group navigates a kaleidoscope of ninth chords and pregnant beats with formidable prowess. The content is, however, a bit recycled, maintaining a similar rhythm, mood, and chord […]

Shooting Down Satellites – The Sovereign EP

By Conor Hooley Shooting Down Satellites’ The Sovereign EP takes modern rock into outer space, with an inviting combination of anthemic sounds and interstellar overtones. The opening track “Beautiful Backbone” begins with an ambient overture that leads into a charging song that establishes the theatrical scope of what’s to follow. “Make Your Battles Mine” sees the band slow things down, opting for a more melodic approach. Bassist/vocalist Eric Pierce showcases […]


Local Artist Paints the Nightmare to Live the Dream

By Maggie Canty-Shafer The Fort Collins art scene has been dealt its share of criticism, oftentimes from the source itself. The common complaint – that if one’s work doesn’t fit into the landscape and/or Southwest imagery genre, you’re fighting a losing battle – seems to keep many artists wary of settling anywhere north of Denver. Ironically, it’s the same complaint that keeps Bryan Collins pulling out his paintbrush every day. […]

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Something GNU – Concept Gallery Opens in Old Town

By Lincoln Greenhaw Deep underneath downtown Fort Collins, dogs roam among provocative paintings and cardboard forts constructed during the night. There is quiet as hammers and electric saws finish their work on a music stage for a new kind of art gallery. This is the GNU Experience Gallery (pronounced “new”), owned and operated by the artist trio of David Myers, Brandton Manshel and Tomas Herrera. They have taken over the […]