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Review: Global Dance Festival 2011

By Molly McCowan Hope you remembered to pack your glowsticks – The annual electronic music extravaganza that is Global Dance Festival just rolled through town. GDF 2011 was a three-day extravaganza of electronica that took place at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on July 14-16, and, like always, it brought out the big guns in overall production and line-up choices. In short, the crowd was wild, the outfits were out of this […]

Music News

Scene Speaks with Sage Francis

By Conor Hooley He’s an iconic rapper, a freestyle champion, a respected label owner and a bona fide underground legend. He’s Sage Francis, in other words, and after over a decade spent crafting some of hip-hop’s most forward-thinking, challenging and, indeed, classic material, he’s still going strong. In an exclusive interview with Scene, Mr. Francis shared his thoughts on a number of semi-important subjects: his upcoming appearance at the Cache […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Jeff Herndon: Creating Worlds, One Brush Stroke at a Time

By Dusty Ray The life of an artist is a series of ups and downs, fluctuating between success and failure and the struggle to gain footing in an ever-changing industry. Local artist Jeff Herndon is no stranger to this bumpy road, and his paintings reflect a strong work ethic and an uncanny compositional ability. His work ranges from oil paintings to charcoal, watercolor to digital paint, with some sculpture thrown […]

Music News

Elway versus Elway: Local Punks Taking Rock to New Level

By Emily Clingman-Johnson Sitting on milk crates in the middle of a salvage yard, I chatted with half of Elway, a local non-apologetic punk band whose fame is gaining steam all over the country, even in the sports world. Lead singer and guitarist Tim Browne and drummer Garrett Carr talked about their new album and the other news that’s been circulating big outlets like CNN and ESPN. For those not […]


Local Clothing Line Caters to Hip Outdoor Sports Crowd

By Emily Clingman-Johnson Suzanne Akin has found her wings. Stirred by a picture several years ago, Akin had an idea. “The picture was of a wakeboarder doing a trick,” Akin explained. “It looked like she was flying.” She developed a motto: Find your wings. “Find something that motivates you and gets you going,” she said. “Just jump! Go for it. You’ll figure it out on your way down.” Akin, a […]

The Holler! – Gratitude

By Dusty Ray The Holler!’s latest album, Gratitude, is just plain good. The sweet harmonies and laid-back songs could only have come from a group so closely connected with the landscape of Colorado. The group’s songwriting is second-to-none, creating a diverse album that holds quick to its mountain roots. There is some subtle magic going on here as The Holler! swiftly and thoroughly draws you in with their one-of-a-kind lyricism […]

Nautical Mile – Invisible Ink EP

By Devin Morse At first, it’s a little hard to measure Nautical Mile. Imagine what Evanescence would sound like if they fully grasped the concepts of scales, chords and creative song structure. Add to this some catchy vocal melodies, a few well-placed pick slides, and a healthy amount of talent, and Invisible Ink will move you by at least some measurable distance. Comparing Nautical Mile to the plastic, mass-produced sound […]

Made You Look – Perspective EP

By Conor Hooley Fledgling production duo Made You Look has hit the ground running with Perspective, an initial six-track offering from August Kaan and Marcus Jackson (a.k.a. DJ Ras Cus). Things kick off with “Illusion,” which employs a haunting, heavily treated female vocal over monstrous drops and wobbles. The contrast of tinny vocals and impactful low end makes for great peak hour dancefloor fodder. The following track, “Frank White,” (a […]

James and the Devil – Altitude Sickness

By Dusty Ray James and the Devil is a band that knows how to write catchy tunes, and their atypical line-up is reminiscent of Blind Melon. With Altitude Sickness, the band proves their talent, but still falls short with a lack of variation throughout the album. The instrumentation is tight, with powerful and distinct fiddle leading most of the tracks. This is contrasted against wah pedal-heavy guitar, and funky, danceable […]

A Week of Jazz Heaven

Jazz lovers rejoice ­– the annual Fort Collins Jazz Experience is back on July 11-16. A week of jazz at participating venues throughout the city will provide night after night of world-class jazz musicians at our fingertips. The week of events leads up to Saturday, July 16, which will feature an extravaganza of performances in Old Town brought to us for free by the Downtown Business Association. Bands will include Mark […]