To the Ends of the Earth: A Friendly Reminder of our Impending Doom

This year, we’ve decided to throw an apocalypse, because an apocalypse is better than dying alone as we had originally planned. Between the blue-eyed certainties of fringe-Christian radio, a world takeover by computers and the Mayan calendar’s end, the next few months could be humanity’s last hurrah. The universe will come at us like a blindfolded man swinging drunkenly at a piñata, and when he uncovers his eyes, blood and […]

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Strength in Numbers: Cohere Helps Independent Workers Escape Solitude of the Home Office

By Dave Schutz Lots of us know the feeling: you’re trying to get work done on the computer at home, but procrastination sets in. You do some laundry, put away the dishes, and the next thing you know, it’s dinnertime. Or maybe you’re like local freelance marketing and advertising writer Julie Sutter. When she was working from home, she was constantly preoccupied with her job. Like many who don’t work […]

Dogs & Music Come Together for Second Annual Fundraising Festival

By Emily Clingman-Johnson When Jeff Reichert wondered how he could help struggling animal shelters, he had no idea he would eventually be the founder of a one-of-a-kind event known only to Northern Colorado. As publisher of the Colorado Paw Pages, a directory and information guide for animal enthusiasts, Reichert regularly heard stories of animal shelters and non-profit organizations in the region lacking the funds they need to keep up with […]