The 12th Annual Sustainable Living Fair: Overlap for All of Us

Editor’s note: Scene Magazine regrettably forgot to include a credit to Chelsea Anne Photography for this month’s amazing cover photography. We sincerely regret this oversight and would just like to say that Chelsea is an amazing photographer available to shoot your wedding, special event, portrait, and more. We encourage you to visit her website at By Conor Hooley Urban, meet rural. Rural, meet urban. And, while you’re at it, […]


New Old Town Fish & Seafood Restaurant Delights the Senses

By Molly McCowan Walking into Jax Fish House, one is immediately transported into an urban, hip atmosphere. A saltwater fish tank bathed in blue light; a modern, oval-shaped bar; an inviting patio area overflowing with early evening diners. Even though it’s a bit upscale, Jax is not a pressed shirt and tie affair – the restaurant has a mellow, unpretentious vibe, and our fellow diners were relaxed and laughing over […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Local Co-operative Demonstrates Grassroots Activism & Community Building

By Erik Myers On this August afternoon, the sun is offering Fort Collins its full-package UV treatment, a deal residents just can’t pass up, whether they’d like to or not. But while the office drones sweat it out, Garrett Carr is feeling just fine under the roof of the Hammer Time! warehouse. He’ll be in the thick of it in a couple of hours during the “Work Party,” when he […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Local Artist Daniel Ibanez Goes Back to the Future

By Dave Schutz Fort Collins artist Daniel Ibanez explains his recent work with an excitement bordering on nervousness as he riffs on topics ranging from The Fifth Element; Cormac McCarthy; science fiction as a tool to address touchy cultural issues; and how we use the past and the future to understand the present. All of this relates to a crop of sci-fi themed digital pieces Ibanez has been producing. One […]

Music News

CSU Radio Station Strives to Show More Support for Local Bands, Musicians

By Erik Myers At a time when cash-strapped colleges are selling off their FM licenses en masse, what’s the biggest issue facing KCSU-FM, the student-run station at Colorado State University? Try community involvement. “Up until this point,” says local director Nic Turiciano, “[KCSU] has done a pretty good job of representing independent music, but not Fort Collins music.” Turiciano, a journalism senior who sings for indie-psych band Cotton Keys, stresses […]

Cutting Edge Gallery Opens on Jefferson Street

Scene is happy to announce the grand opening of Rendition Gallery, located at 251 Jefferson Street. Officially open for business starting on September 2, Rendition is owned and operated by local artist Bryan A. Collins. The gallery will specialize in showcasing painters, illustrators and sculptors as well as art-toy customizers and local studio artists. The gallery will have a modern theme, and will rotate topics for shows on a regular […]

Music News

Scene Speaks with Finnders & Youngberg

By Erika Iverson Finnders and Youngberg is a Colorado-based traditional bluegrass band that sticks to its roots. They have a timeless sound and family feel that makes them easy to connect with onstage, and they focus on building a genuine, heartfelt relationship with their audience. With many awards dispersed throughout the group, it’s easy to see why they sound so good: They are world class musicians who want nothing more […]

Music News

Serendipity at Work – Magic Beans Begin to Sprout Along Front Range

By Charlie Englar There is yet another talented band growing out of the nurtured musical environment that is the tiny town of Nederland, Colorado. Yet The Magic Beans are no regurgitated form. The young group produces what electric and acoustic guitarist Scott Hachey dubs “space-funk, groove-grass and shredtronica,” the music a combination of “roots songwriting with inspired funk/electronica-based improvisation.” Citing musical inspirations such as The Grateful Dead, Miles Davis, Leftover […]

Ape 9 – Ok, Yeah

By Conor Hooley OK, Yeah is nine tracks of underground hip-hop that pairs Colorado rapper Ape9’s gravelly flow with producer Dirtybird’s futuristic take on boom bap. The combination proves to be inspired, as Ape’s low-register, calculated rhyming perfectly compliments Dirtybird’s moody, occasionally haunting beats. “Get it Started” opens with a chilling piano loop, knocking bass line and an unnerving, off-key hook from guest vocalist Devon Parker (who appears on nearly […]

Force Publique – Force Publique

By Erik Myers The self-titled debut from Force Publique is filled with the dark stuff that we heard from an earlier generation of post-punk (Bauhaus, Joy Division), with a few reference points to electroclash from the previous decade. But there are enough of the Denver duo’s own peculiarities at work to keep them from crossing into familiar treads, and they’re enjoyable in their own right. A foremost example would be […]