Intergalactic Funk Cowboy – Funk Forever

By Dusty Ray With Funk Forever, Intergalactic Funk Cowboy has created a heavy-handed, electronic and synth-laden mass of nebulous music. From the terse delivery of Devo to the more introspective rattling of Depeche Mode, Intergalactic Funk Cowboy jumps between Nu Wave and funk without hesitation. The music is easy to dance to, and as Intergalactic Funk Cowboy says: “This is meant to move your booty.” But you might find that […]

Michael Garfield – A Million Anniversaries: CyberAcoustic Guitar

By Marlee Keeven Take a journey far and wide into a land of love and light. This two-disc album sets the mood for exploring one’s spirituality and finding inner peace. Garfield is an acoustic-electronic guitarist from Boulder, loosely fusing Indian, Middle Eastern, Spanish, tribal and modern electronic. The result is sometimes intense, sometimes relaxing and sometimes mind-numbing. The only reason this album might not be appreciated is if you don’t […]

Andy Palmer – Sometime Around

By Charlie Englar Grimy, electric folk-rock would be a good place to start when describing the sound of Andy Palmer’s debut album, Sometime Around. The genre-mixed intonation displayed on the disc blends beautifully with Palmer’s scratchy, deep and weathered voice. Bringing to mind a latter-day Bob Dylan (as opposed to current-day, almost not understandable Dylan) and Ben Harper, Palmer’s voice is the perfect canvas to house the different musical colors […]

12 Harmonic Chaos – Protean Phonesthesia

By Devin Morse Spacey, ambient, and minimalist, Protean Phonesthesia is somewhat alien. More specifically, this 14-track album is the creation one may expect of a stranded and musically-inclined Martian who happens across an acoustic guitar, a scale book, and a number of Butthole Surfers, David Bowie, and The Postal Service CDs. Hyper-critical martian brethren might dismiss this creation as passé, typical, or smacking (at times) too sentimentally of Metallica’s acoustic […]

Festival Honors Favorite Bands

Greeley is home to some great music, and this month’s festival is all about you. The My Favorite Bands Festival will feature musicians playing tribute to your favorite bands. Famous bands like The Rolling Stones, Pat Benatar, Neil Young, Tom Petty and Van Halen will be honored by local musicians such as The Mighty 18 Wheeler, Turn 4, Spring Creek and more. The festival will be rockin’ on September 18, […]

Vintage Cars in Old Town

From 11am-5pm on September 10, hundreds of classic cars and hot rods will line the streets of Old Town at the annual Nelsen’s Old Town Car Show. Sponsored by Nelsen’s Auto Tech Center, this annual show always draws a crowd of car enthusiasts and music lovers. The High Gear Daddies and other talented local bands will perform at this year’s event, making this an afternoon you won’t want to miss. […]


The Tale of Two Bars: Local Businesses Focus on the Important Stuff – The Beer

By Matt Minich Late this summer, two new bars opened in Fort Collins. One has been widely publicized; the other has intentionally been kept secret. The owner of one is a retired real estate mogul, the other a heavily tattooed high school dropout. In many ways, The Mayor of Old Town and The Forge Publick House are completely different places. But they both want the same customer: you. If you’re […]

Dan Loiz – Gorilla Horizontalness

By Dusty Ray Gorilla Horizontalness is an album bursting with crunchy, overextended jams that are either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your preference. Dan Loiz’s guitar work is impressive, and he scales and wails with an ear for jam music almost to the point of repetitive rancor. Loiz recorded the entirety of Gorilla Horizontalness at home, and the do-it-yourself quality of the drum machine and mixing […]