Gary Bragg – High Plains Storm

By Charlie Englar For professional musician Gary Bragg, power in numbers must be the way to go, noting all the superb bluegrass and country musicians he commissioned to play on his new album, High Plains Storm. With the likes of Tyler Grant, Eric Thorin, Chris Elliott and Casey Driessen in the mix, Bragg, a musical composer and former Steeley Dan tribute band keyboardist, took the all-star cast and added his […]

Meow Musique: French Pop at GNU Gallery

Your favorite French pop/electronica/glam DJ is back. And, like always, he’s dressed like a cat. Who is it? Whitecatpink, of course! This one-man show brings a fresh, eccentric and wholly danceable energy to the Fort Collins music scene, and we’re happy to have him. Check him out at his next installment of Soleil Electrique – a collaboration between Whitecatpink and VJ Kode Krush, who provides lush visuals to accompany the […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Byllynsgate Ball: The Party that Vomited a Rainbow

By Lincoln Greenhaw Even though he had to show the Conan O’Brian documentary at his movie theater earlier in the summer, Ben Mozer doesn’t think Conan O’Brian is funny. In fact, he doesn’t think that being a national celebrity is necessarily a good thing. I heard this from Mozer during a lunchtime interview that turned into a series of insightful rants, punctuated by polite chewing. “They need hundreds of millions […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Book Review: Shine

By Dusty Ray Black Creek, North Carolina is the backdrop for Lauren Myracle’s latest young adult novel, Shine. Black Creek is a sparsely populated town filled with secrets: drug abuse, shattered friendships and lies congeal into a perfect storm of violence. A young man named Patrick is severely beaten, tied to a gas pump with the gas nozzle shoved into his mouth and left for dead, the words ‘Suck this, […]

Skateboarding for the Community

Andy Weiss, the former owner of MRKT Skateshop, wants to give back to the community. He founded a non-profit organization designed to do just that, called Launch: Community Through Skateboarding. Launch uses skateboarding to promote a culture of creativity and self expression for kids, and Weiss is currently trying to raise money to create a headquarters that will house a ramp, a skateboarding history museum and library, and more. Help […]

Shaley – A Little of Me For Now

By Dusty Ray Imagine that Sarah McLachlan was a little more cheery, edgy and had dropped her commercial sappiness, and you would get Shaley. Blending rock, jazz, blues and pop conventions comes naturally to Shaley, and her songwriting ability shines through on A Little of Me For Now. There is diversity on this album – at least as much diversity as a pop album will allow – and Shaley weaves […]

End All – Coexist

By Dusty Ray End All’s debut album Coexist is a monstrosity worthy of any metal fan’s ears. Blend industrial with progressive metal, add in some avant-garde sensibility and a little electronica, and you have End All. The schizophrenia inherent in the Greeley duo’s music makes for a powerful and disturbing listening experience. “Mortuus Vir Pedes” hits hard with laser guitar and drums ripping through metal riffs with ability and originality, […]

Music and Art Abound at Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest

By Charlie Englar With the dog days of summer in full swing, the residents of Northern Colorado are once again prepping for the Choice City’s birthday. And this year’s installment of the annual August assembly of world-class national and local musicians proves once again that we have much to look forward to. The 2011 edition of Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest will be held in Old Town Fort Collins on August […]