WhiteCatPink – The LoveBalletGirl EP

By Erik Myers The set-up is simple: Every so often, David Jacoby dresses up in a fur and spandex one-piece, slips on a cat mask, and slinks around downtown to the amusement of the gown and town alike. For being a spectacle, WhiteCatPink is rather laid back. He talks about life back on his home planet of Saturn in a purely casual tone; no cartoon character is he. Turns out […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

CSU Entrepreneurs Launch T-Shirt Company that Teams up with Local Artists & Supports Individuality

By Lindsay Nichols One of the most public displays of personal expression is clothing. It is a form of art that many probably take for granted – after all, you can learn a lot about a person just by their appearance and what they wear. Adam Barnhart and Paul Alfano, two local Fort Collins artists and CSU business majors, believe that clothing can express who a person is – without […]

Elway – Delusions

By Devin Morse Elway is energetic, fun and probably much better at playing punk rock than football. Delusions will bring you back to the good old days of NoFX, Blink 182 and Flogging Molly, while simultaneously dishing out healthy amounts of hilarious irony at the expense of your favorite organized religion. There are probably a thousand bands across America playing the exact same power chords, singing with the same raspy […]

The Don’ts and Be Carefuls – Sun Hits EP

By Devin Morse Sun Hits is stormy and subdued, yet quietly upbeat and pop-sensible. The seven-track album is an indie-rock Frankenstein stitched with a synth threading. One may glean bits of The Strokes, Modest Mouse, The Shins or Death Cab for Cutie. From amidst the driving beats and ambivalent, angst-laden vocals flows a certain post-modern sentiment that suggests tight jeans, Wayfarer sunglasses, and general hipsterism. The songs rely heavily on […]

Aklock – 8 Years and Running

By Conor Hooley We all have our limits. Rappers are no different. But in hip-hop, for better or worse, “limited” is far from a death sentence (see: Too Short’s entire career). Of course, sometimes it is. And Aklock’s 8 Years and Running is a thoroughly limited product, where bland rhymes and basic beats conspire to test the limits of your attention span. Aklock’s best quality as a rapper is his […]

Be the Ant – Breathe Deeply Stomata

By Dusty Ray It has been said that an ant can carry up to 100 times its own body weight. Be the Ant shows this entomological strength through the music on their latest album, Breathe Deeply Stomata. Trying to pinpoint the sound of Be the Ant can be tough. At the Drive In, Coheed and Cambria, and even a little Bryan Scary peek through the cracks of this dense and […]

Kathryn Mostow – Rich Girl

By Charlie Englar Kathryn Mostow provides a shining example that music and artistry can be a spiritual release. It’s been nearly seven years since Mostow’s last studio album, and with a copyright year of 2012, Rich Girl is an album laced with country-style redemption and rebirth. The title of the album goes far beyond the superficial initial suggestion. A quote on the inside flap of the disc booklet reads: “Think […]

Satire: The Seven Things to Remember When Naming Your “Musical Band”

By Dusty Ray, Esteemed Satirist, Musical Anthropologist and Certified Tonsil Examiner What’s in a name? Is it a signifier of identity? Or is it merely an arbitrary organization of meaningless symbols arranged in such a way as to suggest an identity? These questions have nagged humanity for centuries. Names have been used to describe everything from dairy products to planets; from human beings to the subject of this article: “musical […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Crafty Chicks Turning Hobbies into Businesses

By Emily Clingman-Johnson When you hear “arts and crafts,” scissors, crayons and glue might come to mind, or church bazaars that sell quirky hand-painted yard ornaments and perfumed sachets with initials on them. There’s a new wave of crafters emerging, however, that use their hands and creative ideas to produce unique, high-end goods that you won’t find at a holiday craft fair in a gymnasium. These contemporary artisans with fashionable […]