New Gallery Aims to Ignite Community Interest in Alternative Art Scene

By Emily Clingman A few years ago, it was rare to find alternatives to traditional Western-style art galleries. Edgy artists from off the beaten path lacked public venues to feature their work. Now, a burst of new galleries is popping up around Old Town. And they aren’t displaying images of horses and Aspen trees. One such gallery will make its debut on December 2, which would not have been possible […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Vinyl Records & Vintage Vibe Come to Old Town

By Charlie Englar Located at 254 Linden St., the newly opened Bizarre Bazaar is a vinyl record store, bookstore, video store, vintage poster store and community gathering spot. And it seems that this new artistic spread will meld into the Fort Collins fabric quite nicely. Roughly two months ago, Scott Makerchuk and his wife Jane decided to pack up the two kids, the dog and a whole load of vinyl, […]


The Perfect Cup: One Local Entrepeneur Hopes to Bring Craft Coffee to Fort Collins

By Matt Minich Jonathan S. Jarrow makes one hell of a cup of coffee. Jarrow has spent the last eight years mastering all things ground and roasted. His kitchen is filled with top-of-the-line gizmos for brewing the perfect cup of joe, and the walls are decorated with awards he’s won as a competitive barista and roaster. He doesn’t just read books about the chemistry behind coffee, he knows the authors […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Monthly Poetry Slam Sparks Creativity & Empowerment

By Allison LeCain On the first Friday of every month, The Bean Cycle, located at 144 N. College Ave., is packed with people. Every seat is filled with eager listeners waiting for the emcee of the Poetry Slam to step up to the microphone. Larry Holgerson, better known in the poetry community as ‘Booger,’ struts up wearing his traditional tie-dye shirt and sparkling silver cowboy boots. It’s 8 o’clock and […]

Guerilla Yoga Offers Donation-Based Yoga Classes

By Lindsay Nichols When you hear the word yoga, there are probably many different thoughts, pictures, and emotions that come to mind. If you’ve never been exposed to it, taking the step into your first yoga class can surely seem a little intimidating. Bending your body into all kinds of shapes and poses doesn’t exactly feel natural, and it might not seem appealing to stick your bum in the air […]

The Symbols – Be Here Now

By Dusty Ray The Symbols’ newest release, Be Here Now, is a soft musical stroll traversing through country, lounge, blues, reggae and funk-fusion. A guitar-driven album with vocals that fall somewhere between Bonnie Raitt and Joni Mitchell, Be Here Now is a dense and dance-worthy cut that does quite a bit in its short presentation. The Symbols have an unerring catchiness about them, dancing the fine line between pop and […]

Mallard Bill Soda – Fountain

By Charlie Englar So many emotions jump out of the speakers with this album. At one moment it’s MGMT, at another it feels as though Crosby, Stills & Nash are in the room, and then all of sudden one could swear that a track from Neil Young’s Harvest Moon is playing. The Fort Collins duo of Brooks Letchworth and Darin Grasmick are Mallard Bill Soda, and their new disc, Fountain, […]

The Magic Beans – The Magic Beans

By Marlee Keeven Many jam bands fall into a one-note category because they become too distracted with, well, jamming out. Many of these kinds of jam bands exist, and they can sometimes give this genre a bad name. The Magic Beans, however, take you on a journey – and then they bring you back home. Their music comes full circle, and they are certainly a band of many notes. Coming […]

Kevin Dooley – Moonlight Highway

By Charlie Englar A seasoned veteran of open road nostalgia and soulful serenades, troubadour Kevin Dooley comes with it again via his fifth studio album, Moonlight Highway. The Longmont resident has pulled together a superb band, with the likes of Eric Thorin, Gurf Morlix, John Magnie and Steve Amedee helping to create the country/Americana/Celtic vibe of the album. “Love’s Been Linked To The Blues,” a David Olney joint, opens with […]

By Conor Hooley Leading up to their sophomore release, Crazy As It Seems, local rappers Diverge and Ethix decided to expand their duo into a trio, bringing vocalist Natalie Ray into the fold and christening the new outfit DnE. And, yes, one might see an inherent Fergie/Black Eyed Peas parallel there, but fret not – in this case, it worked for the better. And this stellar, eight-track maxi-EP is proof. […]