Opiate Gallery Needs Your Help

Opiate Gallery, located at 237 Linden St. and opening on December 2, promises to be a wonderful arena for artists of all shapes and sizes. Owned by Darren Mahuron, a leader in supporting a diverse arts community in Fort Collins, the gallery will feature works of all mediums by local artists. To support the fiancial burdens of overhauling the building that it will be housed in, however, the gallery still […]

The Cycle of Addiction: The Physiological Process & the Concept of Homeostasis

By Marty Rein, Ph.D., LPC, CAC III Many factors contribute to the development of substance use dependency. One of those factors is a physiological process that happens over time with continued substance use. It may not be noticed by the user because it happens so incrementally. Awareness of a problem only arises when the person experiences an inability to stop using. Therefore, understanding how the physiological development of dependency occurs […]