SHEL – When The Dragon Comes Down EP

By Charlie Englar Classical training and profound emotional and musical intelligence burst from the seams on the newest release from the Fort Collins-based sisterhood quartet that is SHEL. When The Dragon Comes Down, an EP, displays all the beautiful and bountiful musical blossoming that is happening for the Holbrook sisters. Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza (SHEL) blend mesmerizing harmonies with what can best be described as Irish folk music. Gentle […]

Papa Juke – Out Of The Blues

By Charlie Englar The combination of rock, blues, R&B, funk and jukebox jive is quite a conglomeration of musical sounds for a single group to produce. Papa Juke creates just this type of flavorful foundation of musical goodness on their newest studio release, Out Of The Blues. The Colorado-based quartet presents seasoned musicians who seem aptly fit to run through the musical carousel found on the album. Mad Dog Friedman’s […]

Mosey West – Vaca Money

By Dusty Ray The cover of Mosey West’s first release, Vaca Money, is a giant Mason jar filled with milk. And it is a perfect representation of the album: cloudy, smooth and refreshing. The band has an amazing songwriting ability, capturing a slight alt-country sound along with catchy hooks and some deep lyricism. All of the members play a huge role in Vaca Money: The trio is well-balanced, and no […]

Various Artists – Galaxies Christmas 2011

By Erik Myers While it’s a little late to get into the holiday spirit, this Christmas compilation produced by Galaxies does make for good winter walking music. Comprised of 12 Christmas songs by 12 young artists, the free-to-download album almost resonates less with the holiday spirit and more with the weather; it’s bright days, dark nights and element of surprise. The mixed spirit makes for some interesting covers, like on […]

Fierce Bad Rabbit – Live and Learn EP

By Erik Myers Fierce Bad Rabbit isn’t keen on being called a “supergroup,” and in our post-Chickenfoot era, who would? But the label is tempting, as they’re packed with some of the city’s best talent at every angle. Their mere existence has enhanced Fort Collins’ music community in ways seen and unseen: Few in Colorado work as hard as they do. Their three years has seen three records and extensive […]

Constitution – Wrestling With the Daylight

By Dusty Ray Fort Collins quartet Constitution embraces down-home, whiskey-drinking, feel-good music with their latest release, Wrestling With the Daylight. It is a very light album, laden with the playful bluegrass/folk that has become a staple of many Colorado groups. It does jump beyond its simple framework, throwing trumpet and steel drum into the mix, adding another dimension to the album as a whole. “Can’t See Me” is reminiscent of […]

Sal D. – My Fate Has Been Adjusted

By Conor Hooley My Fate Has Been Adjusted is Sal D’s would-be ticket out of Fort Collins. He says so himself: “I’m trying to move to New York to spread my music… That’s why I recorded My Fate Has Been Adjusted, so I can have a professional album to take down there.” That’s nice and all, yet My Fate is very much an amateur’s work: occasional flashes of brilliance mired […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Love for Performance Spurs Local Dinner Theater’s Transition to Cultural Arts Center

By Lindsay Nichols Looking for a fun new way to support the arts in Fort Collins? Look no further than the newly improved Midtown Arts Center (MAC). Formerly the Carousel Dinner Theatre, in November of 2010 the business moved to its current location (3750 S. Mason Street). It gained a lot more than just a new place to call home. The new building has four main spaces: the main stage […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Taking “Upcycling” to the Next Level: Couple Breathes New Life into Abandoned Furniture

By Matt Minich Everything about Matthew and Danelle Britt’s studio seems recycled. Tucked into a shed off of North College Avenue, the workshop is filled with well-used equipment and an eclectic assortment of materials. A stack of metal tabletops rests against one wall; about a dozen schoolroom desks are piled against another. These are the materials for Wool Hat, a budding local business that crafts artisanal furniture from Fort Collins’ […]

Music News

Innovative Technology: Colorado-Developed Mobile App Helps You Find Live, Local Music

By Erik Myers The only problem with a good idea is that there is usually already someone else acting upon it. Lucky enough for Nick Smalling (who currently resides in Carbondale, Colorado), that wasn’t an issue. “There was no real single place you could go and see what was going on around you as far as nightlife events and music,” he says. “Especially not when you’re out and about.” So […]