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Ace Gillett's Brings Jazz Music & Relaxed Ambience to Downtown FoCo

By Lindsay Nichols If you don’t know where to find it, there’s a good chance you might walk right by the newest jazz lounge to pop up in downtown Fort Collins – Ace Gillett’s – and not even know it. Gillett’s opened its doors in March, 2010, and it didn’t take long for many locals to hear about this hidden gem through the grapevine, discover the somewhat incognito entrance below […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Local Artist Uses Medium to Raise Money for Haiti

By Maggie Canty-Shafer Artist Abby Sponaugle can find hope in a trashcan. After rebuilding an orphanage destroyed by the hurricane in Haiti, the 23-year-old artist painted 32 of the resident children’s portraits on old window frames purchased from ReSource. She sells them for $150 – the price of the child’s education for one year. “I wanted a more creative form of school sponsorship,” she said. “Something tangible, that could add […]

Broken Tongues – EP

By Devin Morse This six-piece hip-hop fusion group from Denver is as much about instrumentals as it is about vocal talent. In this three-song EP, Broken Tongues approaches hip-hop from several distinct angles, each song giving equal weight to both musical and lyrical creativity in a rather seamless blend. As evidenced by their wide choice of musical styles, Broken Tongues is all about breaking genres. This is seen in the […]

Hot Gazpacho – Viscosity

By Conor Hooley “Viscosity” refers to a fluid’s resistive properties or, more simply, the thickness of a given liquid – water has a low viscosity, whereas molasses has a much higher one. Hot Gazpacho’s new CD presumably qualifies as the latter, offering up an array of slow-cooked, textured tracks. The vocal-less album sinks or swims on the quality of the soundscapes, and this nine-track outing comes across as crisp and […]

The Varmints – Night Bloom

By Marlee Keeven The Varmints are one of those bands that make classification difficult. This Windsor-based band’s newest release, Night Bloom, is rock first and foremost, but also encompasses elements of metal, grunge, psychedelic and even jam rock. Zach Mercer, guitarist and lead vocalist, has quite the talented voice – similar to John Bell of Widespread Panic when hitting the higher notes, and similar to Layne Staley of Alice in […]

In the Whale – Satan Be Gone! EP

By Dusty Ray In the Whale dives to impressive depths with their brand new EP, Satan Be Gone! The ominous and foreboding mood of the songs lends the EP an eerie, nautical quality. It evokes the image of Jonah curled up inside of the whale, it echoes with the distant rumbles of fighting sea monsters. A smart use of refrain, well-placed dissonance, and a cynical sense of humor turn this EP […]

Music News

The Sunshine House Shines Light on Debut EP

By Conor Hooley   The Sunshine House Sometimes a band has to exploit its connections. The Sunshine House knows this, which is why they’re leaning on a few of their own in the hopes of landing a slot playing at Austin’s legendary South by Southwest Festival. But, since the upstart band is all of six months old, they occasionally have to use their collective resourcefulness just to find a place […]


Darren Mahuron: The Mind Behind the Art

By Emily Clingman-Johnson Boldly turning regular folks into rock stars and movie stars and sometimes even hanging them from stars, Darren Mahuron has photographically transformed dozens of local bands, icons, rebels, families, well-knowns and unknowns into surreal characters that look like still shots from boundary-breaking, counterculture movies. “I don’t consider myself a photog-rapher first,” Mahuron says. “I use the camera and the lights to get an image into Photoshop to […]