Hodi's Half Note Staying In Business: Introducing New Vibe

By: Emily Clingman Hodi’s Half Note is not going anywhere. As a matter of fact,owner Dan Mladenik, has at least four more years on the lease, so the rumors of Hodi’s impending demise are officially being squashed right here. Hodi’s is here to stay. It is true though, that there has been some revamping of sorts and there will be a grand reopening party to celebrate the changes. Mladenik recently […]

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Surfside 7: The Smallest, Most Intimate Venue in Town

By: Hap Fry Juli Bruntz is in a unique position to offer perspective on the music venues located in Fort Collins. Not only does Bruntz work at the biggest venue in town – The Aggie Theatre – she also works the smallest venue in town – Surfside 7. Don’t ask the bartender extraordinaire which one she prefers. They both are near and dear to her, but there definitely is something […]


Black Bottle Brewery: Bringing a New Dynamic to Taprooms

By: Lauren Hoff When you walk into Black Bottle Brewery you won’t see old barn wood, rustic décor, or bike wheels hanging from the walls like most breweries in the area. There will be industrial steel tables, and urban influenced artwork that looks like it could be on a skateboard deck. The parking lot will be full of Audi’s with mods, not bikes. There will be more Van’s than Chaco’s […]

Joey T. : Turn This Up

3 Stars It starts with the outro. “Get Up,” is catchy with its admonishment to get off the couch and be part of something bigger than ourselves. “Joe’z Hustlerz,” set to old Ghostbusters song, is fun. You’ll hear a lot of riffs and clips from movies and old-school artists, like Michael Jackson and James Brown. Turn This Up is groovy and thought provoking, with a hint of underlying 70’s and […]

Fierce Bad Rabbit: The Maestro & The Elephant

4 1/2 Stars The New Years Eve release date for “The Maestro and The Elephant” should tell you what perennial scene favorites, Fierce Bad Rabbit, might hope to accomplish with their latest album. With their glasses raised nostalgically for the soaring optimism that drove earlier albums, the band opens the new year with a more grounded sound, tighter ensemble work, more mature writing, and deeper collaboration between the band’s members. […]


Robert Cline Jr.: All The Right Reasons

4 Stars In his debut album, All The Right Reasons, Robert ClineJr., gives us lots of reasons to love this album. With its heartwarming lyrics, intertwined with harmonica melodies, guitar slides, and front porch-swinging rhythms, this country boy knows how to pull a heart string and get toes tapping. The album opens with “Mockingbird,” a sweet song with even sweeter harmonies. “Another Day Another Dollar” is kind of Mellencamp-y but […]

Travis Bruner and Peter Harris: On The Shoot

2 Stars If you like old-timey simple songs than this is the album for you. Travis Bruner and Peter Harris are a two part team with an eclectic grouping of guitars and a bass. To sum up the album they play easy blues riffs that have been used through the ages and their lyrics are uncomplicated. You are introduced to the album with a simple song with simple toe-tapping twang. […]

Colorado Pie Fight

The region’s pizza shops are gathering together to compete for the title of BEST Pizza in Northern Colorado. On Saturday, January 26 at the Aztlan Community Center, Townsquare Media will host a panel of judges who will rate pizza quality and taste for the Judge’s Prize and award a People’s Choice award for the competition’s fan favorite based on the top vote-getting pizza. Taste tickets will serve as a taster’s […]

Faces of Freedom

This January 21, the CSU and Fort Collins community will be gathering together to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with several events under the theme of “Faces of Freedom: Past, Present and Future”. The route of the traditional one-mile community march, which begins at 1 p.m. this year to accommodate the Presidential Inauguration, will start in Old Town Square and participants are encouraged to sing as they march. Following […]

The Dating Game Cabaret

If you have been looking for a new way to spend a weekend night, try The Dating Game Cabaret, a new original work by Wildflower Cabaret which opens to the public Friday, January 4, 2013 at Suede Event Center in Loveland. The show will run Friday and Saturday nights throughout January. The Dating Game Cabaret is based on the classic game show, where they lampoon the dating scene and pit […]