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Kingman Brewster: Creating Fake Parties & Real Buzz

By Conor Hooley Kingman Brewster is certainly not afraid to be brash. The six-piece, self-styled rap-rock outfit (named after one of Yale’s most visionary – and incendiary – presidents) is making itself known in style. Following the release of a five-track EP, Brewster placed third at Scene’s 20th Annual Battle of the Bands, finalized a full length debut album and got its Twitter account suspended for promoting a fake New […]

Music News

Synergy: Local Youth Strive to Bring Punk Rock Back

By Charlie Englar The youth movement in the Colorado punk scene is in full gear, with the driver’s seat occupied by an insightful and energetic trio from Arvada. Synergy is Josh Rock on guitar (15 years old), Ryan Teater on bass (15 years old) and Jay Rock on drums (18 years old). And yes: Rock is their real last name, Josh and Jay are brothers and they can play. When […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Unconventional Galleries Enrich Old Town with Art-Filled Walls

By Emily Clingman It’s no secret that Fort Collins is a booming art town, but many artists are still in the dark when it comes to exposing their talent. Without their own galleries or significant funds available to rent space in existing galleries, many aspiring artists go unnoticed. Fortunately, there are several alternative venues in the Fort that cater to local artists with unique opportunities for them to showcase their […]

Sushi and Strippers: Non-Traditional, But We’ll Take it

It seems that The Vault’s closure has caused another rift in the fabric of Fort Collins. Popular sushi chef Ken Minkes of Sushi Mountain is rather renowned for serving Grade-A sushi in less-than-savory places, and he’s back at it again. Having served sushi at The Vault for years, Minkes has moved Sushi Mountain across town to Fort Collins’ “Finest Gentlemen’s Club,” A Hunt Club, located at 400 S. Link Lane. […]

Introducing Fort Collins’ Bright, Shiny Poet Laureates (Plural!)

Welcome to the world of poetry, Fort Collins. It’s a tough world; one where writers agonize over the usage of each and every comma; one where said writers try their hardest to convey a feeling, image or idea with precision and clarity. It’s a world that has long been somewhat underground in Fort Collins. Happily, however, it is finally beginning to rise above the surface. In late fall of 2011, […]

Sell, Sell, Sell! Sports eXchange Owner Backs Out

If buildings were people, 214 Linden Street would be one tough cookie. No stranger to problems with the law and changes in ownership, the building has developed an unfortunately legendary status due to the number of failed businesses it has housed. Many of the businesses that “went under” were bars, such as Hamilton’s, Linden’s, Conor O’Neill’s and Black Oak. Most recently, 214 Linden Street was home to the popular stock […]

Goodbye Vault, Hello Astoria

Patrons of popular dive bar The Vault may be somewhat disappointed as of late, as their favorite hangout has changed owners and has been completely revamped. Located at 146 N. College Ave. (the former location of The Vault), The Astoria Bar is owned by Peter Munro and Lindsey Anderson. Munro told Scene about some of the changes. “We remodeled the bar completely, but kept the historic features intact. We’re going […]


Local Distillery Puts the Class Back in Vodka

By Matt Minich Where liquors are concerned, vodka doesn’t have the best reputation. At its very best, many think of it as a tasteless, odorless elixir mixed into another drink. At its worst, the stuff is known as a recipe for shame and regret sold off in plastic one-gallon jugs. To Heather Bean and Jeff Copeland of Syntax Spirits, however, vodka is high art. In a Greeley tasting room between […]

Creative Reinvention: Trichome Diversifies Their Sound, Image

By Erik Myers Sitting in the quiet basement of Mugs Coffee Lounge, the members of Trichome are reconsidering everything, name included. Well, maybe not the name. “It’s a unique name,” says tenor saxophonist Mike Windham. “It has presence. I don’t think it’d behoove us to change the name, but the band has definitely evolved a lot since I’ve been a part of it.” Then, ambling down the stairs as if […]