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Musketeer Gripweed Pulls Rock Music Up From the Roots

By Matt Minich On the CSU campus, Musketeer Gripweed frontman Jason Downing doesn’t stick out. A sociology instructor during the school year, he looks every bit the part. Tall and thin, he has a bushy red beard and long hair tucked back into a ponytail. His movements are a bit jerky, and he has a seemingly involuntary tendency to pull his shirt collar up over his nose and mouth. Onstage […]

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Stranger in a Strange Land: The Art of Yann Aubertin

By Dusty Ray In the murky light of Cranknstein (215 N. College Ave.), the old brick walls are populated with brightly colored paintings of several different styles. At first glance, one might think that they are the creations of several artists, but they are all the brainchildren of the multi-talented Yann Aubertin. A French expat, Aubertin has been residing in the U.S. (specifically Fort Collins) for just over a year. […]

Restaurant 415: A Palatable Future for Fort Collins

By Lincoln Greenhaw Journalists are supposed to prioritize information, so with that in mind let me get some important points out of the way here at the beginning. The Restaurant 415, conveniently located just south of Old Town, makes a contemporary version of chicken and waffles, and it is the best I have ever eaten. In addition, chef Amelia Mouton makes macaroni and cheese that has more in common with […]


Tapping into Northern Colorado’s Craft Beer Boom

By Colleen Hunt Colorado has one of the largest concentrations of craft breweries in the world. We’re ranked second in the country for most craft beer by volume, according to reputable websites like and With over 118 breweries statewide and about 23 in Fort Collins alone, it’s obvious that our thirst has not yet been quenched. Anyone can start the process of being a “beer nerd” with seasoned […]

Kingman Brewster – Kingman Brewster With their self-titled debut, local hybrid outfit Kingman Brewster set out to show that rap-metal can still work, but results are mixed. To KB’s credit, theirs is a gritty, guitar-laden sound closer to vintage Rage Against the Machine than the genre’s lesser artists. Veteran MC Nonsense brings a commanding presence and a number of solid verses; none better than on “My Mind’s Playing Tricks.” But more often than not, […]

Music News

FoCoMX Strikes Again: Local Talent Takes the Stage

By Allison LeCain Coming up on its fourth year running, the Fort Collins Music eXperiment (FoCoMX) will be the ultimate two-day music festival of the year. Dubbed “The Biggest Little Festival in America,” the set list is complete with 320 bands from Northern Colorado featured in more than 30 locations around downtown Fort Collins, making it easy to get your local music fix for only 20 dollars. The music starts […]

Bad Weather California – Sunkissed Loose melodies come together on Bad Weather California’s latest full-length without much hesitation, threaded together by Chris Adolf’s righteous affirmations of sun and love. Accordingly, his lyrics are upbeat but nuanced, offering words of advice that occasionally invite interpretation: “If your baby’s crying in the middle of the night, shine a light, shine a light in her eyes.” There’s plenty to soak up from the vibrant and varied Sunkissed, […]

Culturally Infused Jam Band Presents Music With Meaning

By Emily Clingman For a bunch of laidback guys from the Midwest, Eufórquestra, a band of seven members, delivers a musical punch to hip-shaking audiences around the country. “We really just love playing groove-oriented dance music,” said Mike Tallman, guitarist and vocalist for the band. “We don’t focus on one particular genre.” Groovy it is – the band’s sound could be described as a bold and energetic combination of African […]

Cary Morin – Sing It Louder A well-traveled, world-renowned artist with multiple projects and groups, Cary Morin strips it down for his most recent solo release, Sing It Louder. Although he has help from percussionist Peter Knudson, Morin and his acoustic guitar are the driving force on this bluesy ballad/storyteller-style album. The smoothness and relative calm of Sing It Louder convey the vibe of a man and artist at ease with life and its many […]