Miscommunicado – L'Ocean

By Devin Morse


Miscomunicado is a self-described progressive psychedelic blues-rock band with a fitting name. That is, the labels “progressive” or “bluesy” may be a “miscomunicado” on their part. Still, they certainly embrace psychedelic rock: A few keywords for this album would be reverb, delay, and phase-shifter. (On a different ratings scale, it would receive four bongs.) In their freshman effort, Miscomunicado offers an impressive creative drive and songwriting craft that has yet to reach its full maturity. L’ocean’s ambitious grasp of song structure and skillful guitar playing is tempered by juvenile lyrics, thin recording quality, and vocals that frequently fall out of key. Still, this band is going somewhere: They simply need to flesh out their sound. Keep your eye on these guys; there are certainly good things to come.

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