Halden Wofford & The Hi*Beams – Live! At Hodi’s

hibeams.com The taste and feel of live music is second to none. When a super-group like Halden Wofford & The Hi*Beams produce a live album, it’s impossible to not take notice. Recorded in January 2011 at Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins, Live! At Hodi’s displays all the rollicking, honky-tonk, whiskey-soaked goodness for which Wofford and the Hi*Beams are known. Wofford’s distinctly twangy, barbed-wire vocals conjure up images of Hank […]

The Echo Chamber – Vikings From the Future

reverbnation.com/theechochamber If I had a black leather jet pack complete with whiskey dispenser, metal studs and an electric guitar, Vikings from the Future would play from its speakers. Vikings is a little bit of everything in the rock vein, with a fair share of nuance – think Led Zeppelin mixed with Tool, then throw in a Beat poet for kicks. The freshman release from this Fort Collins prog rock quartet […]

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Owner of Avogadro’s Number Made Healthy Switch from Ice Cream to Independent Music

By Conor Hooley Part bar, part restaurant, part music venue; Fort Collins’ Avogadro’s Number has operated for four decades just south of Old Town – becoming a linchpin of the local music scene. Since 1980, it has been under the care of one Rob Osborne, a man who came into ownership of Avo’s thanks to…ice cream. It’s true. Osborne spent the latter half of the 1970s running a Mountain High […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Local Group Brings Art to Youth Probation

By Matt Minich In no way does the inside of the TCAMP studio in Old Town Fort Collins look like it was built to house juvenile delinquents. The walls are devoid of posters warning about the danger of drugs, alcohol or unprotected sex; instead, they are covered almost floor to ceiling with paintings and drawings. Back rooms are filled with musical instruments, recording equipment and a Nintendo Wii. In short, […]

Language Love – Amor Creador

languagelovemusic.com The cosmic side of bass music is where Amor Creador takes place, a ten-track trip of druggy, psychedelic glitch-hop. Less concerned with dance floor appeal than creating an ethereal aesthetic, Language Love laces most of the tunes here with otherworldly synths and exotic samples undercut by the obligatory bits of wobble. At best, you get the sitar-laced funk of “Dream Space” and the subterranean intensity of “Crush.” At worst? […]

Satire: Two Guitarists Seek Bassist, Drummer for “Vowel Obstruction”

By Devin Morse, Esteemed Satirist & Resident Voodoo Expert Dear Craigslist, We are two passionate guitar players seeking a bassist and drummer in the Fort Collins/Loveland area for a spoken-word, experimental, Steampunk mash-up project. Are you our missing member? Our group is called “Vowel Obstruction.” We’ve already played a few shows with this name, but we’re willing to take suggestions on a new one. We might be looking for something […]

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SpokesBUZZ at South by Southwest 2012: A Recap

By Amy Schakel Sitting on a bus with people you just met for 22 hours makes you quick friends. The group is a mix of musicians and people just along for the ride. Our destination is Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest festival. We get there at about four in the afternoon on Thursday, March 15. We do not have much time once we get there to fix ourselves […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Community Funded: A New Avenue for Local Collaboration and Project Funding

By Charlie Englar Local business man McCabe Callahan, who currently owns the pair of Mugs Coffee Lounge restaurants in Fort Collins, is in the process of putting together a very unique and one-of-a-kind website. The goal of said website? Generating funding for any type of project one may come up with. Callahan, A CSU graduate, is teaming up with other CSU graduates and local business owners to launch CommunityFunded.com. The […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Two New Sites for Fort Collins Art: A New Rendition Gallery & LocalEasel.com

By Jenni Pedersen and Karla Colonnieves Art enthusiasts attending First Friday in Old Town Fort Collins can expect new things in March: Rendition Gallery is re-opening after a transformation to the space, ownership and vision of the gallery, and looking up local artists and galleries before is easier than ever with Fort Collins’ newly launched art search site localeasel.com. Renovated Rendition is a Site for Progressive Art Rendition Gallery is […]

Pinball Jones: The Reawakening of Pinball Culture in Fort Collins

By Erik Myers During no other time in Western culture has the past ever been more en vogue. As the popularity of Old Town’s new pinball gallery PinBall Jones shows, it goes well beyond remakes and reissues – what better way to indulge nostalgia than with the original artifacts? Located beneath Old Town Square (in the basement suite of 107 Linden St.) and sharing a stairway pocket with the GNU […]