Brady James – Dichotomy of Me

By Amy Schakel

With smooth rhythms and rhymes that run together making it easy to listen to, Brady James’ newly released Dichotomy of Me exemplifies this artist’s talent. The Fort Collins hip hop musician created the album as a sort of self-therapy. When you listen to the songs you get a sense of who he is, the things he’s been through and the stories that he has to tell. Heart felt and genuine with titles such as “Face the Mirror,” “Rebel Rouser,” “Brighter Side,” and “the Start”, James sends you through a journey that you have no choice but to be a part of. In his songs he talks of personal issues, girls, world issues, the haters, and of our beloved Colorado. James’ music is honest; it’s relatable; it’s easy to listen to and it is an experience. It will be interesting to see what else he can come up with after putting so much emotion and effort into this album and telling so many stories. The question is what will he do next?



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