Mosey West – Merica

By Emily Clingman

In the true spirit of Americana music, Mosey West’s sophomore album, Merica, feels like a back yard barbecue or a summer road trip. The raspy harmonies of Mike McGraw and Adam Brown tug at your heartstrings while singing about passing the bottle, the hard times had, how hometown heroes don’t give a damn and moving on. The three-man band, including Matt Weitz, is laid back but strong in passion—kind of Neil Youngish, bluegrass and country—a true treat for the ears. The album drifts from now to then, here to there, in and out of love, basking in glory and defeat along the way. “In Tune” captures the dilemma of being a situation that’s never going to change but savoring the comfort of it’s familiarity and dysfunction—well all this talking ‘sgot me tired, tired of listening to the heartbreak, its all long and drawn out, how many years now…‘Sgot me walking to the discount liquor store where I pay a lot of visits—the song ends with a story of a bar fight, breaking bottles, wailing sirens—I’m smiling big now, it’s the same sort of pleasure… This is an album that everyone can relate to. You can find solace in your own troubled paths in life while smiling and tapping your feet.


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