Local Culture, Arts & Community

GNU Gallery: Finding Art Amongst Destruction

By: Amy Schakel Can beauty be created through destruction? Brett Schreiber has set out on a quest to answer this question. On June 15th, about 20 to 30 people gathered at the GNU Gallery in Old Town to destroy musical instruments as the first installment of his project called “Our Thoughts are Objects.” The goal of this is simple, to create something beautiful and new through making as big of […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Multi-Talented Young Artist Charts Her Own Course

By Emily Clingman Sometimes artists don’t have to be famous or seasoned to be recognized. Fort Collins nurtures lots of up-and-comers, and one young particular young woman has claimed her space in the ranks of emerging artists. At 17, Angela Georgette Natrasevschi loves to paint and sing, but it’s the meaning behind her work that brings out the artist in her. “A lot of my work is a balance between […]


Highly Evolved Waffles

Who says you can only eat breakfast in the morning? Not the guys at the Waffle Lab. Located at Pateros Creek Brewery, you’ll find a little food trailer with people eager to serve you savory concoctions of gourmet Belgian-style Liege (pronounced lee-ayjh). Not only will they supply you with the best waffles you’ve tasted since grandma made them but they are a veritable “micro-hub” of deliciousness and community-building. The goal […]

Finspiration Party

It’s a lazy day Saturday, the 7th of July. The partying from the 4th is still wearing off and you are looking for something to do. Go on over to Bar SS in Laporte for the Finspiration Festival. There will be performances from none other than Mama Lenny and the Remedy, the Lindsey O’Brien Band, Constitution, HWY 287, the Patti Fiasco, Rosewood Divine and Michael Kirkpatrick. The show starts at […]


New Belgium Assault Ride

The nations biggest bicycle obstacle ride hits Fort Collins! Grab your gear and get ready for the Urban Assault Ride. You and a teammate will set out across the city on your two-wheeled steeds to find ‘checkpoints’ where there will be a funky and adventerous obstacle course to be completed before you travel onto the next one. The first team to complete all the obstacles wins the ride! Once completed […]

Walking Under the Stars

Looking for a new adventure? Trying to find a different way to spend a night? Go for a walk. On July 3rd, at Bobcat Ridge Natural Area, participants will be led on a quiet, reflective walk under the moonlight while listening to stories of the night. The walk is one to three miles for adults, or choose the one-mile family walk that includes interactive activities and stories related to nocturnal […]

Paddler's Pub Concert Series

There is a place in Fort Collins to go to that puts a cherry on the perfect afternoon. Paddler’s Pub is said to be “only true outdoor pub” in town. After a day on the river or whatever else it is you find yourself doing in the mountains, travel to this pub and drink beer or wine, snack on delicious local food and of course, listen to excellent music. Every […]

Russ Hopkins – Space Junk Motel

By Emily Clingman 2 1/2 stars Intro-ing with a heartfelt tribute to his native Colorado in Pot of Gold, Hopkins fails to come out the gate running. The second song, More, just wasn’t enough to bring this compilation up to speed. There’s no doubt that Hopkins is passionate about the beauty of his beloved nature and how much he loathes the concrete jungle and toxic dumps, his lyrics are cliché […]

The Blender Cats – Just Like This

By Emily Clingman 4 stars Funkified, bluesy, hip shakin’ ear candy is what these cats are blending up. The album delivers energy right away. Day by Day brings the level down to a slow, sexy chill while encouraging people to take it easy, keep the peace and understand each other. While Lonely is no stranger to the old don’t-let-the-door-kick-you-in-the-ass type of break-up song, this tune drives your heart right away […]

Ghost in the Machine – Above Suspicion

By Amy Schakel 3 1/2 stars Slow to begin is the new album by collective rock group Ghost in the Machine called Above Suspicion. The first track, “Titans” has really heavy rock guitar riffs and a breathy voice and simple, repetitive lyrics. It sounds pieced together like they all want to rock but haven’t quite gotten used to what they’re doing. Once you get into it though their music really […]