Greyweather – Greyweather

If you are a product of the 90s and like the softer side of this era; Grey Weather is your 21st century ticket. Opening up the album with a melodic tune called, “Carbon Copies”, Grey Weather immediately shows their strength as players. Though entering into what I think is the weakest song on the album (the second song), they give the listener the sense that this band has not yet […]

The Early Sides – By and By

When listening The Early Sides’ By and By you are taken through a particular journey. You picture quiet fall afternoons spent in reflection of where your life was, is and where it may go. You think falling leaves and the changing of the seasons; young love and moving on; youth and how fast it passes you by. The happy times, the sad times, all mixed into one album with creative […]

Head For The Hills – Live

The local boys continue to make good. Regarded by many as one of the best up-and-coming bluegrass bands, Head for the Hills recently released its first “official” live album, and it doesn’t disappoint. Taken from the group’s live performances at the Aggie Theatre, Boulder Theater, Bluebird Theater and the Mishawaka Amphitheatre, the 16-track album encompasses everything there is to like about the lads. For starters, there’s a cover of the […]

Vicki Price featuring Joe Price- A Brand New Place

Vicki and Joe Price, a husband and wife blues duo, combine talents on this energetic crowd pleaser released on their own label, Blues Acres Productions. Fun and spunky guitar riffs that make you stomp your feet, bob your head, and smile explode right out of the gate and don’t quit until the album is done. Vicki’s powerful bluesy voice evokes an image of a woman in a 1920’s speakeasy singing […]


Connecting the Passion of Our Community to the Needs of the World: The Sustainable Living Fair Returns

By: Ray Aberle The 13th Annual Sustainable Living Fair is on tap for the third weekend in September. Over the past decade, the Fair has become more than just a trade show, festival or conference. It’s become a celebration of our Northern Colorado home. Predating the Toyota Prius, USDA Organic certification, “An Inconvenient Truth” and Tour De Fat, the Fair continues to evolve as awareness concerning the health of our […]

Music News

Nobody Puts Gravy in a Corner: Local Band Determined to Break Out of the Jam Band Mold

By: Emily Clingman With the popularity of jam bands on the rise and endless opportunities to boogie down with them at festivals all over the country, it seems like it would easy to grab some musical buddies and jump on the jam band wagon. Not so much, according to the guys of Good Gravy, a Fort Collins based band that’s kind of hard to describe, but often referred to as—you […]


New Festival Carries On Fort's Tradition of Downtown Partying

By Emily Clingman A true Fort Collins aficionado can never have enough events celebrating the three B’s— beer, bikes and bands. So, thank the fiesta gods that there’s a new occasion this fall which will melt a devoted “Fortie’s” heart. Well, thank the Downtown Business Association, really. On Sept. 21 and 22, the DBA will host FORToberfest, a celebration of bikes…and beer and bands. “Basically, it’s everything bike,” said DBA […]

Losing Hodi’s as a Music Venue Will Cause Havoc in an Already Depleted Market

While Fort Collins continues to birth musical talent, venues to showcase such talent are limited. With Hodi’s Half Note recently going up for sale, the question of whether or not The Fort can sustain a thriving music scene is raised. Current owners, John Palke and Damon Sharp, enjoyed the almost three-year run they had with Hodi’s but are moving on to pursue new life adventures. “We’d love for it to […]

Rocky Mountain Irish Festival

After a two year absence, the Rocky Mountain Irish Festival returns to downtown Fort Collins and Civic Center Park this September 28th through the 30th. This event showcases all of Ireland and its rich history, music and more. The festival attractions feature great musical entertainment including Irish contemporary and traditional music groups. The traditional Irish sessions is a great opportunity to share one of Ireland’s most treasured pastimes where friends […]

Fall Harvest Brew Fest

Fall Harvest Brewfest is ramping up for its 4th annual showcase of craft beer, micro-distilleries, food and live music. Presented by Wilbur’s Total Beverage, the fest will run from 6-9pm on Saturday, September 22nd, with a limited ticket VIP event from 5-6 before general admission doors open. The festival takes place at the Drake Centre in Fort Collins. Brewfestivians will have access to 100+ beers from over 25 different breweries […]