Robert Cline Jr.: All The Right Reasons

4 Stars

In his debut album, All The Right Reasons, Robert ClineJr., gives us lots of reasons to love this album. With its heartwarming lyrics, intertwined with harmonica melodies, guitar slides, and front porch-swinging rhythms, this country boy knows how to pull a heart string and get toes tapping. The album opens with “Mockingbird,” a sweet song with even sweeter harmonies. “Another Day Another Dollar” is kind of Mellencamp-y but it captures that true Americana spirit. “Many A Long and Lonesome Highway” is a can’t-miss song about doing your own thing, leaving it to the wind, putting things behind you – you know, that song you need playing in the background when you’re movin’ on. “Love and Loss” is well, a song about love and loss, but who can resist a broken heart story? Reasons is not your typical country album. It’s a sentimental compilation of all those things in life that make good stories. – Emily Clingman

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