Local Distillery Puts the Class Back in Vodka

By Matt Minich Where liquors are concerned, vodka doesn’t have the best reputation. At its very best, many think of it as a tasteless, odorless elixir mixed into another drink. At its worst, the stuff is known as a recipe for shame and regret sold off in plastic one-gallon jugs. To Heather Bean and Jeff Copeland of Syntax Spirits, however, vodka is high art. In a Greeley tasting room between […]

Creative Reinvention: Trichome Diversifies Their Sound, Image

By Erik Myers Sitting in the quiet basement of Mugs Coffee Lounge, the members of Trichome are reconsidering everything, name included. Well, maybe not the name. “It’s a unique name,” says tenor saxophonist Mike Windham. “It has presence. I don’t think it’d behoove us to change the name, but the band has definitely evolved a lot since I’ve been a part of it.” Then, ambling down the stairs as if […]