5th Annual FoCoMX Gives Back To Musicans

By Mary Willson Fort Collins Music Association (FoCoMA) presents the 5th annual Fort Collins Music Experiment (FoCoMX) brought to you by Odell Brewing Company, from April 19-20 in downtown Fort Collins. The Fort Collins Music Experiment (FoCoMX) has grown into a full-fledge music showcase in only five years, encompassing 24 venues and 241 artists. With the community backing this volunteer run, citywide festival, it is safe to say this music experiment […]

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Soon To Be Back

  By Hap Fry Shortly after Steve Ackerman was forced to close down his Old Town-based medical marijuana dispensary, Organic Alternatives, back on Feb. 14, 2012, he drove down to visit a friend’s north Denver dispensary. It was there that one question kept popping into Ackerman’s head which he couldn’t let go. “All I could think about was: ‘why can’t I do this?’” Ackerman said. “I mean this is so […]


Music and Breweries Pair Up

By Lauren Hoff  During a recent night at The Aggie I took a moment to take in all that was going on around me. The place was packed to see hometown favorites Head for the Hills and The Holler!. Bombers of Fat Tire filled the hands of most of the audience. Hats from Odell’s Brewing Company and Equinox Brewing shirts were too numerous to count. It was a great snap […]

Michael Kirkpatrick – Key To My Cage

For those even somewhat familiar to the music scene of Fort Collins and Northern Colorado, the voice coming out  of the speakers should be recognizable; Michael Kirkpatrick, known well for fronting the ‘folkadelic’ band, The Holler!, recently released Key To My Cage, his first solo album in years. Kirkpatrick’s classically-trained voice is impressively powerful, yet enitrely comfortable throughout the album. His strength on the mandolin is highlighted in songs such […]

You Me & Apollo – The EP

You Me & Apollo seems to have a tendency to subtly explode.  It’s a phenomenon  difficult to put directly into words. Take the opening track of the band’s 2013 release, aptly titled The EP, for example. “Before I Die” introduces itself as a slow and seductive Otis Redding-like love ballad. As the song evolves, the tone and tempo evolve with it, becoming progressively louder and faster, Brent Cowles’ vocals becoming […]

West Water Outlaws – Real Killer

After catching Boulder’s attention with 2011’s Crooked River, an EP produced using recording resources given to them after winning CU’s Battle of the Bands, the West Water Outlaws return with the release of Real Killer. The amount of energy expounded in just seven songs is incredible to say the least. The tone of the Outlaws is an in-your-face beast, their studio work not straying far from the sound discovered at […]

Music News

NoCo Music Legend Liz Barnez Joins Bohemian Foundation’s Music Team

By Jason Pohl From sitting in a crowded Nashville coffee shop with just $4 to her name to taking the stage to accept FoCoMA’s lifetime achievement award, Colorado music legend Liz Barnez has seen first-hand what a turbulent life in the industry looks like. Chat with her for 10 minutes and that appreciation of struggle – and ensuing inspiration – becomes apparent, rivaling only her sincere devotion to the local […]

Music News

Dreams Surface into Reality for Patti Fiasco

By Hap Fry Sometimes all you can do is rely on your dreams when you grow up in a tiny little town like Encampment, Wyoming. So relying on those dreams was what she did, and Alysia Kraft’s dreams appeared to have been as big as that Wyoming sky that surrounded her. Those dreams helped her land a basketball scholarship to the University of Wyoming. They also helped bring her into […]


Nanobreweries: Serving Up Small Batches with Big Taste

By Emily Hutto If you’ve been following craft beer media over the past few years, you might have noticed a new word that isn’t yet recognized by dictionaries: nanobrewery. Nanobreweries are defined loosely by the Brew- ers Association as brewing companies that produce 100 barrels (or 3100 gallons) per year or less. Accord- ing to Julia Herz, the Craft Beer Program Director for the Brewers Association, “They usually have very […]


Distilleries: The Other Side Of the Craft

By Lauren Hoff It is no secret that you can’t throw a pint glass in this town without hitting a locally crafted beer. This town is overflowing with suds, but there are other craft beverage industries growing and thriving in Northern Colorado, too. By the end of the year, local distilleries will be closing in on 10 spirit making companies. Local wineries are springing up too, with 7 already making […]