Michael Kirkpatrick – Key To My Cage


For those even somewhat familiar to the music scene of Fort Collins and Northern Colorado, the voice coming out  of the speakers should be recognizable; Michael Kirkpatrick, known well for fronting the ‘folkadelic’ band, The Holler!, recently released Key To My Cage, his first solo album in years. Kirkpatrick’s classically-trained voice is impressively powerful, yet enitrely comfortable throughout the album. His strength on the mandolin is highlighted in songs such as “Path”  and in the ominously-toned “Young Man.” “Wildwood” exudes a sense of familiarity and acquaintanceship (we are all just one I’ve learned/I love this time together), before embarking on the Tolkein-esque journey, “Karakoram,”  with Kirkpatrick continually questioning, “Would  you ever dare to climb that high?” Key To My Cage only reinforces the level of influence and contribution that Kirkpatrick has provided throughout the music scene of Northern Colorado and demonstrates his remarkable multi-instrumental versatility. The charisma contained in Kirkpatrick’s shows is difficult to ignore, both as a solo artist and as the frontman of The Holler! Be sure to check out the band at Hodi’s Half Note during April’s FocoMX.

—Charlie Anderson

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