Jeremy Dion – Golden Some Day

3 stars out of 5 In reference to his other job, Jeremy Dion is known throughout Boulder as the Songwriter Psychotherapist. His subdued, amiable voice is certainly suitable for both job descriptions. Dion’s latest full-length album, Golden Some Day, doesn’t stray far outside the realms of an Americana-folk comfort zone, but his songwriting and guitar-playing talents are similar to those of fellow Boulderite Gregory Alan Isakov. Dion’s self-described “Mile High […]

Rosewood Divine – Rosewood Divine

4.5 stars out of 5 After leaving the music capital of the country in Nashville, Shaefer Welch and Ali Paine now call Fort Collins home. They do, however, harken back to the sights and sounds of their old state on Rosewood Divine’s self-titled release, promising that “If Colorado ain’t our kind of city…we’ll be back in love with a song from Tennessee.” The band’s folky, back and forth harmony-driven album […]

The Patti Fiasco – Small Town Lights

4.5 stars out of 5 From the opening and title track, it’s easy to prophesize not only the success of The Patti Fiasco’s second full-length album, but the band’s continuing upward climb in the Front Range music scene. After nearly four years of catching new fans off-guard with a unique sound and a powerful frontwoman, while pleasing loyal fans unfailingly, it is due time for the widespread recognition of The […]