Hog MaGundy

JAN 20 –  Avogadro’s Number Hog MaGundy is a foot-stompin’ good-timey partygrass band!  Known for their “Colorado Slopgrass,” the band formed in early 2013 in beautiful Fort Collins. The members (Garrett, Jake, Ben, Jack and Devon) share a passion of bluegrass and jam music.  Hog MaGundy shows are a mix of unique originals and covers from across the musical spectrum that will be sure to get the dance party started and […]


Reel Big Fish

JAN 17 – Reel Big Fish Edged into the mainstream in the mid 90’s, Reel Big Fish is one of the ska-punk bands to thrive from Southern California. Hyperkinetic sold-out concerts with a GAP dressing-skater feel are their trademark. Legions of young fans roll out for their high-energy juvenile humor, iconic covers and new wave pop songs. Ska and punk roots are the backbone for Reel Big Fish. Be sure to […]



JAN 10 – HODI’S At this EP Release with Wiredogs and Fairwater, everyone will receive a free copy of the EP. Shatterproof is an alternative rock band formed while the members where in high school at Rocky Mountain. The band draws from many different influences and music styles, with elements of rock, acoustic, post-rock, hardcore, and many others. Shatterproof creates a blend of sounds rarely heard together for a perfectly […]


Monday Night Funk Jam

For those of you who don’t already know about the Funk Jam, it has been Hodi’s signature event every Monday night for the past four years. The event is made up of a rotating-cast band, consisting of three hosting members: Eric Imbrosciano (drums), Nick Ierisi (guitar), and Andrew Waltman (bass). Guest Jammers are encouraged to learn the monthly theme/band, and will be rewarded for learning the theme with drink tickets. […]

Edward’s Pipe&Cigar Shop

Close to campus and the center of town is an upscale and unsuspecting bar, shop, and art gallery. Edward’s Pipe & Cigar Shop at 111 W. Prospect Road Unit D, provides customers with a wide variety of custom-blended pipe tobaccos, cigars, high quality pipes and unique gifts. Connected to the shop is Café Fuma Espresso Bar, serving traditional Italian and Cuban coffee drinks and signature drip blends. The café and […]

Salud! Cooking School

Directly north of Whole Foods Market on College Avenue is Fort Collins’ only Cooking and Lifestyle School. Salud! has both cooking classes and crafting seminars at affordable prices. Taught by local chefs and professionals, the courses are both during day and night for varying age ranges; most are just a few hours. The cooking classes are designed to have students come hungry, prepare the menu from ingredients found entirely within […]


What is a blowout, anyway? A professional blowout is very different than blow-drying your hair at home or your hairdresser drying it quickly after your cut.  It is styling with extreme attention to each section of your hair.  It’s the reason for a visit to DRYology at 217 Linden Street, Unit B!  These blowouts are meant to last three to five days, depending on your exertion level and lifestyle. The […]

Dancing with the Stars

The 7th annual Dancing with the Stars of Fort Collins will take place on Saturday, February 8at the Agave Room above the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant. The popular event is a favorite among partygoers and is organized by the Canyon Concert Ballet Company as a fundraising event. The evening will feature performances by local “celebrities” and their professional dance partners. This year’s lineup of “stars” will include Donna Stroh, Jill […]

Summit Hard Cider

Scrumpy’s Hard Cider Bar aka Summit Hard Cider and Perry Company started tapping their house made cider around Thanksgiving to tremendous applause. Fort Collins’ original hard cider bar at 215 N. College Avenue has over 20 different producers of hard cider on tap and in bottle, with their newest Flight A of entirely Colorado made ciders. Cider flavors fermented in-house are peach cobbler, tart cherry, and chocolate cherry. Premier ingredients […]