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Subdudes Reunite

by AZURA After coming together on a visit to a friend whose illness provided the map to four New Orleans men, John Magnie, Johnny Ray Allen, Steve Amadee and Tommy Malone, it was decided shortly thereafter, that it was high time to dust off ‘The Subdudes Original Lineup’, start plucking about and re-generate that original connection that permeates such a strong summer porch swing feel. Since 1996, when they decided […]

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Whale-ing with Nate and Eric

by AZURA Now as it is,, is not a common website name to promote a band with, but then, that also depends on your market, and actually, it kind of stands out. Really, if a band sucks, they’ll hover off in some lounge somewhere that doesn’t go anywhere and won’t have much, if any, support from an audience. However, that is not the case for this Greeley duo – […]

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by KELLEY GILBERT It all started Valentine’s Day of 2013 with a text saying, “Rendezvous in the red room at 4 o’clock.” This signaled the four band members to meet for their first official jam together in the legendary red room at guitarist, Alex Forsthoff’s house, and it was true love from then on.  “While we are playing, I feel complete,” said Kelly Belknap, bassist for Red Room Rendezvous. “The […]

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The Legend of 420

by  Kelley Gilbert Marking the first year cannabis is legal recreationally throughout Colorado, stoners, workers, students and the like will come together this 4/20 in celebration of the infamous holiday.  While most know the recent buzz around the legalization of recreational marijuana, few and far between know the origin of the celebration.  Some would argue 420 dates back to the Los Angeles police code for marijuana smoking in progress or […]

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by AZURA With eight and a half years of playing together, Musketeer Gripweed has reached a new plateau with their time as a band. With family as their frontman, members Jason Downing, the charismatic Reverend Monkey-Paw Patterson – guitar, dobro, harmonica, vocals, Ehren Crumpler – guitar and vocals, Ben Hockett – bass and vocals, Matt Goldberg – keys and Stu Crair – drums, percussion and vocals, Musketeer Gripweed devotes the […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community


by  Vincent Burkardt    Blue Taboo Jared Janzen, Kyle X Petty, Julian Ferrara and Will Brauch make up this eclectic progressive rock band which has been working hard to define their evolving sound.  Part of the progression has been trying new ways to connect with the audience, including a unique arrangement heard at their recent ‘Rock For The Cure’ set at Everyday Joe’s Coffeehouse. There, Jared’s guitar had the syncopation […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Indian Exhibit Brings Cultural Feast to the Fort

by Malini Bartels Deep in the heart of Old Town is the most unlikely worldly gem. The Global Village Museum for Arts and Cultures is currently showcasing one of the most exquisitely well-planned public displays of art their main gallery has ever housed. Indian Thali: A Feast for the Senses, which runs through May 17, is a fabulous display of Indian culture. Boasting vibrant textiles, exotic dance and unique cuisine, […]


Enlighten Us – But Make It Quick! Is the catchphrase for Ignite Fort Collins. Similar to independent TEDx talks, Ignite is a night of presentations on a variety of topics…with a twist. Each presentation has 20 slides that automatically advance after 15 seconds. It is a worldwide movement and loads of fun for the whole family! It’s where Fort Collins geeks, designers and hipsters come together for an evening of […]

Anniversary Gala

Northern Colorado’s premier dance company and school, Canyon Concert Ballet and Dance Center, proudly present two performances to commemorate their 35th Anniversary. The 35th Anniversary Gala takes place on April 12 at 7pm and April 13 at 2pm, with both performances at the Fort Collins Lincoln Center Performance Hall. The show consists of new and restaged works from the past 35 years of repertoires. The evening features guest performers, restaging […]

Masks at MOA

The 10th Annual Masks fundraiser at the Fort Collins Museum of Art opens the first Friday of April. Celebrating the creativity and generosity of Northern Colorado, this is the museum’s most successful fundraiser of the year. About 200 local artists, students and community members turn a simple white ceramic mask into one-of-a-kind tangible representations of their creative talents. These creations are displayed in a month-long exhibit and silent auction held […]