Von Stomper – Von Stomper


3.5 stars out of 5

Newcomers to the folk scene in Fort Collins, Von Stomper has emerged with an amazing debut album. Their self-titled album is like taking a journey into the country with your best friends on a summer night. Starting off with an upbeat tune that you can dance to and not stopping the groove with “Troublin’ Mind” before moving to a slower softer sound with “In the City”. Von Stomper mixes classic folk twang with a softer sound throughout the album, and the raspy vocals are reminiscent of the classic roots of bluegrass and folk. Just as a summer night adventure, there is a surprise around every corner with this record. Each song has a unique sound to it but still maintains a cohesive vibe throughout. There is a song for everyone on this album. Be sure to check them out at Avogadro’s Number on June 20.

– by Mikaela Antonelli

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