Foxy Fridays

Du’Tell Events, a Fort Collins based event planning and bartending service, is proud to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Foxy Fridays on September 26. Held at the Astoria Bar, (146 North College) on the fourth Friday of every month, Foxy Fridays is a celebration of old school hip-hop and classic R&B. The dance party starts at 10pm and goes well into the night. Get there early; the party has hit […]

Higher Ground

Affordable rehearsal space is now in Fort Collins at a 3000+ square foot warehouse turned jam area. Higher Ground Rehearsal Studios (HGRS) is a modern rehearsal space at 208 Commerce Drive near Link Lane, catering to musicians of all genres and sizes. Convenient, fun and professional, the three-room urban-industrial studio features pro grade gear, soundproofing, a performance stage and comfortable seating. Inside is a large showcase room that could potentially […]


Chipper’s Lanes and Canyon Concert Ballet & Dance Center team up again, this time for CarniBowl! The event helps to raise desperately needed funds for the Canyon Concert Ballet dance scholarships. The family-friendly affair is held on Saturday, September 6 at Chipper’s Lanes North Center, 830 North College Avenue from 3-7pm. Funds raised from CarniBowl allow the established local non-profit arts organization to provide music education programs and dance scholarships […]

Fringe Fest

The Fort Collins Fringe is a grassroots event organized and produced by Heather Ostberg Johnson & Willis Productions. Focused on presenting decidedly unconventional theatre on September 5 and 6, the second-annual FC Fringe Fest will be held at two downtown venues: FCMoD’s Dome Theatre – 408 Mason Court and at the Community Creative Center – 200 Mathews Street. The event features original and experimental works by Northern Colorado playwrights and […]


Race to Repair

Turn Around Bikes of Greeley is proud to present and host a unique, fast paced event. The first annual Race to Repair is a competitive bicycle repair race that is open to the public. The event takes place on September 28 from 12-3pm at 134 11th Avenue in Greeley. Suggested arrival time is 11am for check-in and set up with an awards ceremony at 3:30pm. Hobby bicycle mechanics, professional mechanics […]


Shire CSA

Fresh off the glory of the successful FoCo Café Bike-in Music Festival, the Shire CSA has continued its busy summer. The Shire is a farm located in the heart of mid-town Fort Collins at 713 East Prospect Road. Tucked away with easy access from the Spring Creek Trail, the Shire is dedicated to establishing an intimate connection between food and the people of the community. Luke Hall is the owner […]

The Deadwood Saints – 6th Street and Trinity

This is the Deadwood Saints first Full Length album and it feels like coming home. This album definitely falls under the genre of “Beard Folk” literally and figuratively, the lead singer has his own legendary beard and he plays legendary folk music. The album makes you feel like you are living in the mountains in a cabin all alone, cut off from everything and you are completely okay with it. […]

Swashbuckling Doctors – Side Effects May Include

This is Swashbuckling Doctors’ second full-length album and it will keep you dancing and laughing till the end. The music is wonderful, whether they are talking about getting drunk or doing the frack, they keep it interesting and fun. This album is full of sarcasm and humor but still manages to keep you interested in the music as well as the hilarious lyrics. They are not just another gimmicky comedic […]

Slopeside – One Lane Town

This is Slopeside’s third full-length album and it does not disappoint. The album keeps you guessing after each song. There is a different sound on each song, keeping it interesting throughout. They walk the line between folk, blues, rock, pop, and a little reggae and it works well for them. On their website they describe their music as “Fleetwood Mac meets Tom Petty at a Pink Floyd concert,” which is […]