Swashbuckling Doctors – Side Effects May Include

This is Swashbuckling Doctors’ second full-length album and it will keep you dancing and laughing till the end. The music is wonderful, whether they are talking about getting drunk or doing the frack, they keep it interesting and fun. This album is full of sarcasm and humor but still manages to keep you interested in the music as well as the hilarious lyrics. They are not just another gimmicky comedic band, they are much more, and when listening to the album you can tell that they are as interested in the music, as they are in making people laugh. They have definitely mastered the classic Ska sound and have made it their own with a mixture of fast paced Ska and a little flair of folk, as is the tradition of Fort Collins Bands. These doctors may not be certified physicians, but they have definitely found the cure for wallflowers, this album is sure to make anyone dance.

4 out of 5 stars

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