Roots In Volution – Roots In Volution

  In their debut album Roots in Volution brings a twist to the traditional reggae scene. The album is amazing throughout. Lauren Parsons’ vocals are beautiful and soft and meld perfectly with the rest of the band. The album starts off slowly and calm, but picks up quickly and makes you want to dance all night long. “Feel Me” and “I Stand” shine the most on this album, both songs […]

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Cannabis Corner: Everything You Wanted to Know About Marijuana in Colorado But Were Afraid to Ask

by Dr. Diesel Hey Dr. D: Back in the day, I used to make those yummy, green-butter chocolate chip cookies. You could eat one or two and feel really great for hours.Being the lazy cookie monster that I am, I decided to buy some from my favorite dispensary last week. Damn, were they expensive too! Anyway, I brought them home and proceeded to eat one. It wasn’t long before I […]

Sex and the Choice City: The Pantyline

by MALINI BARTELS Wearing panties is a choice – and they don’t call this the choice city for nothing. Recently, the legging fashion trend has made an incredibly strong comeback in our illustrious town. While decades ago, it was considered proper and cute to wear a shirt long enough to cover your backside while wearing leggings, this does not apply to today’s fashion-minded public. Now people are wearing leggings like […]


Sustainable Living Made Easy

by  Mikaela Antonelli  On September 20 and 21, the Sustainable Living Association will hold their 15th annual sustainable living fair. Since 2000, the Sustainable Living Fair has been bringing people in the community together to celebrate and learn about living more simply. Founder Kellie Falbo started the fair as a student event, but it soon grew into an entire community affair. There is something for everyone at the fair. There will […]

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The Covz: Pioneers of the Indie Movement

by  Lauren Batson Just as many great bands before them, the Covz got their start in a basement, with nothing but a few instruments and a powerful love for music. Armed with a drum kit and an acoustic guitar, the Covz had reached a stalemate; they were nearing college graduation, but their real love was found in music. As an indie band, heavily influenced by the likes of Snow Patrol […]

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Cosmic, Funky, and Cool Coming to Hodi’s

by  CICI SHARSTROM Fall is getting funky at Hodi’s! This month, straight out of the Lone Star state, Sheer Kahn and the Space Case will be touring Colorado to promote their new EP. The group is a collaborative and unique act deliciously fused with reggae, funk, blues, jazz, and rock influences. Alluringly termed “Tropical Space Funk,” the band is composed of five members who each bring a unique influence to […]

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Dive Into Pizza and Punk

by  CICI SHARSTROM If you’ve lived in Fort Collins for any amount of time, and enjoy the nightlife scene, likely you’ve strolled by the curious little “Swell Food” sign between the Astoria and Perennial Gardener.  It’s the bar we’ve all been curious about, and Surfside 7 totally rocks! No, really; the punk scene is not dead, it’s alive and hopping at Surfside. Part pizza joint, part music hall, and part […]


Fort Collins Welcomes the Return of Newest FestivaL FORToberfest!

by  Lauren Batson September is a lovely time in Colorado; the leaves are changing, the air is getting cooler, and school is back in session. The community can finally feel a sense of calm and routine after the sometimes hectic, non-stop of summer. September is a sort of last hoorah before winter comes to steal the last bit of warm weather from us, which makes it the ideal time for […]

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by  Mikaela Antonelli Drawing from very unique life experiences, Qbala, Kalhie Quinones, is a force to be reckoned with in the front range hip hop scene. Starting out writing long form letters and birthday cards that expressed her feelings in a poetic way, Qbala knew that writing would be a great release for her in her life. “I didn’t realize I could put lyrics to music and make something amazing” […]

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by  Mikaela Antonelli  Only forming at the beginning of this year, Rawtune has made quite the impact on the music scene in Fort Collins. Sebastian Lawrence, Zach Goplen, and Matt Pintauro started jamming together in Matt’s living room before Karl Robison came into the mix and they became Rawtune. Rawtune is vocalist Sebastian, guitarist Zach, drummer Matt, bassist Shane Smith, and Karl their producer. The name came out of a […]