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Maker Faire

Attention all makers, tinkerers, inventors and do-it-yourselfers. The Maker Movement is sweeping the country! The NoCo Mini Maker Faire is a hands-on celebration of invention, creativity and resourcefulness. The festival allows people to MAKE, create, learn, invent, craft, recycle, play and be awe-struck by your fellow creators; Last year’s event drew thousands of makers and families from across the Rocky Mountain region to celebrate their unbridled creativity. This family-friendly event […]

Malt Monster

Calling all monsters! The Fort Collins Brewery is hosting its inaugural Malt Monster 5K race presented by Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine on Saturday, October 11, registration starting at 10 a.m. The race begins and ends at the brewery. Come as you are or dress up as your favorite monster! Participants can run, walk, skip or hop the course. For a $29 registration fee, participants will receive a FCB sports […]

Sonny Lubick’s

Nestled below our busy downtown streets, one can feel the heart of Old Town beating from the new vibe of Sonny Lubick’s Steakhouse. Many know this quaint fine dining restaurant as their old-time favorite, but to some, it could be the hidden dining experience they’ve been missing. The dining room offers a classic fine dining feel while the newly popular Coaches Room and Bar allows guests to enjoy the same […]

Astoria Bar

The Astoria Bar at 146 North College Avenue is well known as one of the most haunted places in Old Town. Built as a bank in 1905, it is believed that the ghost of The Astoria is a former bank employee and he has been seen dressed in a suit. The Denver Paranormal Society has recordings of the ghost that can be found on YouTube, and patrons have snapped photos […]


At Mainline Ale House, they love a good story and they love live music! With a southern-inspired beer-pairing menu, the selection at this large Old Town restaurant does not disappoint. Items such as Shrimp n’ Grits and Bacon Bread Pudding are enough to make the heart stop with satisfaction. The drink selection is wide and unique with an austral charm. The spectacular rooftop deck is a favorite stop for large parties […]


OCT 23 – Aspen Hourglass

Local band Aspen Hourglass will be playing a free show at Mainline towards the end of this month. This Alternative Rock band has been rocking Fort Collins since 2012 and continues to wow us with their amazing sound.  This is just one of the stops on a tour across all Colorado and into New Mexico. Since 2012 they have been making headlines and winning different awards around Colorado. They have […]

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OCT 16 – Grieves

Seattle rapper Grieves will be playing a sold out show at the Aggie this month. Known for his unique style and energetic beats, he has gained quite the following in Colorado. He has recently released a fifth album called Winter and the Wolves. Although he is from Seattle he is considered local because he did spend quite a lot of time in Colorado. His live shows are amazing and full […]

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OCT 10 – Crosstown Rivals

Kentucky band Crosstown Rivals will be playing at Moe’s Original BBQ this month alongside Jeremy Porter and the Tucos and local favorite Sour Boy Bitter Girl.  Crosstown Rivals have been compared to the Drive-By Truckers and the Replacements, where Jeremy Porter and the Tucos bring a more country sound to the show. With the slow indie rock vide that Sour Boy Bitter Girl brings to the show, there should be […]

The Seers – Cellophane Eyes

  This is this funky duo’s second release. They describe their sound as “harmony-laden acoustic soul, electric blues, and classic piano rock.” That statement could not be more accurate. The sound throughout the album is very smooth and slow jam-esque. Cellophane Eyes starts off on a high note with a beautiful and ambient intro and moves into more funky jams as the album progresses. The album almost sounds like a […]

Wild Wombat – Return to Wildstyle

This is Wild Wombat’s debut EP. This album is interesting throughout, starting with the intro in the first song to the last sound on the album.  Wild Wombat was previously in the band Peace Officer, but is currently pursuing a solo career, taking samples from classic rappers and rapping over a bumping electronic beat. Wild Wombat brings a new sound to the hip-hop scene in Fort Collins. Each song is […]