Sex and the Choice City: 50 Shades of Ray



He runs through the streets of Old Town Fort Collins in the 1 p.m. sunshine. Ponytail – shades – no socks.

His name is Ray Harvey, and I think he is the most interesting man in Fort Collins.

My fascination with Ray began during my first visit to the underground lounge known as Ace Gillett’s. I couldn’t stop admiring his fluid pour and that agile shake. I made it my mission to introduce myself to the mysterious “cock-tologist” behind the bar who knew practically everyone who walked in…he also remembers his or her last drink. I overheard him talk liquid refreshments, discuss politics and go off on a literary rant about Chomsky. Literature, you say? Yes, it’s not the lightning accurate bartending that makes Ray so intriguing, it’s everything else. This libation performance artist takes life to the next level – he’s also a prolific writer and running enthusiast. Coffee is his beverage of choice, but he invites everyone to come have a drink with the unwashed.

You can read Ray’s writing and watch him put the “cock” back in cocktail at where he’s breathing new life into dead meat. Although insightful and entertaining, the best part of Ray’s blog is the gallery of comments. Always entering the conversation with a quick-witted response, Ray’s literary and drinking fans often have something interesting to say.

He’s perfecting the art of literary cocktail education with clever videos. I dare you to step into the Journal Pulp and exit Ray’s mind unscathed…

So, if you ask me what’s my favorite name for a drink, I would have to say The Carpet-Licker, of course.

“It’s all pink on the inside,” says Ray.

“Yes, yes it is,” I reply. “But not always on the outside…”

And with that, I gave Ray Harvey plenty to think about.


Malini Bartels is a freelancer in Fort Collins who is not pink on the outside.

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