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Rich With Friends

4 stars out of 5 Although this album was released a year ago, it should not be overlooked. This is the band’s debut album and it does not disappoint. The first track on the album starts off with a hauntingly beautiful beat and eases into something completely different. It is refreshing to hear such a diverse album. Within the first song there is a lot of variety within the song […]


Cannabis Corner: Professional Insight Into Colorado’s Marijuana Industry

by Dr. RMJ  (I’m not really a doctor, though I play one in this column) Hey Dr. R.: If I consume marijuana will I become addicted and eventually move on to harder drugs? Dear Addict: According to a report by the National Institute of Health, roughly 9% of marijuana users eventually meet the criteria for dependence compared to 32% for tobacco and 15% for alcohol, making it the least “addictive” […]

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Electronica Coming to Hodi’s!

by  CICI SHARSTROM Get ready for some pumping bass and good oonces! October is electronica month at Hodi’s. Dopapod, a computer-free electronica/metal improv band begins the month. Reluctant to call themselves a true “jam band,” this group thrives on improvisational stylings and funky beats that bring something different to the electronic music scene. Their music is not without vocals, and harmonizes on many different levels. They have played numerous festivals, […]

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A Different Outlook on Death

by  CICI SHARSTROM alloween has forever been a spooky celebration of the undead, but the dead don’t have to be feared. In Mexico, the celebration of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a bright, happy celebration of life. In this tradition, Mexican families focus on honoring the deceased in joyful and exuberant festivities rather than mourning. The cycle of life, which includes death, is honored and accepted […]

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Halloween Happenings

by  Mikaela Antonelli This month is full of fun and frightening activities that will get you in the Halloween Spirit. With all these activities, there are a few shows around town that you wont want to miss. Holler!ween is back celebrating it’s 12th year on October 18. Musicians like Uptown Toodeloo String Band, Qbala and the Holla, Josh Vogeler and Patti Fiasco will be joining Michael Kirkpatrick and The Holler! […]

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Maceo Parker

by  Cici Sharstrom With roots stretching back to the very birth of funk and jazz music, Maceo Parker is renowned for his work on the saxophone. He began his musical career as a sideman for James Brown, a gig he describes as “like being at University.” His initiation into the world of funky jazz and jazzy funk brought him into the company of such talents as Ray Charles, George Clinton, […]

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Elise Wunder

by  Cici Sharstrom With a sultry voice that digs its roots into the soul, Elise Wunder is emerging as one of Northern Colorado’s most promising new artists.  Her style is something familiar, timeless, and yet entirely her own. A blend of pop/Americana/roots styles, Wunder combines the honest down-to-earth sound of velvet vocals with perfected guitar strums that remind us why we need music. A self-taught vocalist, Wunder has always been […]

Living Dead Invade Fort Collins

by  Mikaela Antonelli  On October 25 the dead are going to rise again, but not to eat our brains — to help the children of Northern Colorado. It is the 6th annual Zombie Fest hosted by Turning Point. Zombie Fest is the best people-watching event in Fort Collins. It is a night to remember,” Marketing and Referral Coordinator Scot Von Bargen says. The Zombie Fest was originally started as a […]

Sex and the Choice City: 50 Shades of Ray

by MALINI BARTELS He runs through the streets of Old Town Fort Collins in the 1 p.m. sunshine. Ponytail – shades – no socks. His name is Ray Harvey, and I think he is the most interesting man in Fort Collins. My fascination with Ray began during my first visit to the underground lounge known as Ace Gillett’s. I couldn’t stop admiring his fluid pour and that agile shake. I made […]