Literal and Figurative

FEB 3- MAR 3: Avogadro’s continues its bar-side art displays for the entire month of February featuring two uniquely different artists.  The art show “Literal and Figurative” is aptly named to reflect the different styles being featured. Erin Thames Photography displaying a more literal side and Andrew Hembd’s painted portraits a more figurative aspect. There will be two free receptions during the display.  An Opening Reception takes place on Feb. […]

Elliot’s Martini Bar

If you haven’t been to Elliot’s Martini Bar recently, you should reintroduce yourself to Fort Collins’ original classy establishment. With the most extensive cocktail listing in town, each bartender at Elliot’s has the freedom to create their own unique menu, using what the surrounding area has to offer; this makes the ingredients incorporated at Elliot’s as local as possible, including house made grenadine and maple whipped cream. The bar manager, […]


FCCMS is a non-profit organization of classically trained professional musicians dedicated to performing high-quality chamber music in non-traditional settings.  Its aim is to make classical music as accessible as possible to an audience that would otherwise not be exposed to it. Board President, Liz Telling says, “Classical music is cool! It’s even more fun with a drink in your hand and a friend by your side. We are dedicated to […]

Downtown Artery Remodel

The week of Jan. 20, the Downtown Artery was temporarily shut down by the Fire Department’s annual inspection. They’re being forced to change the buildings occupancy classification and, until they do so, they have to “cease to operate.” This means the cancellation of all classes, events, and that the artists must leave for now. The occupancy switch may sound like an easy thing to do, but there are many changes, […]

Music News

Aspen Hourglass: Pushing boundaries to the next level

“John and I met at a music store, kind of like how you meet a woman – the woman of your dreams,” Grayson Erhard said. “Seriously. He was on the other end of the building, and I was scoping out the situation.” Erhard noticed the amazing bass talents of John Napier testing out a bass in the store, so he walked up to talk to him. Napier began to jam […]

Music News

Musical Musings of Fort Collins

by  Vincent Burkardt  More Than Physics Photo by Clint Willcox To begin a feature about rising musicians in Fort Collins, the hard question is, where to start? The amount of dedicated, quality musicians runs deep in Music City, CO. It seems that focusing on those really starting to make an impact with their music leads us here. With percussion being the place where it all starts for music, that pulse of […]


Choice City Butcher: The People’s Choice for Ten Years

by MALINI BARTELS Russ Robinson loves Fort Collins and never wants to leave. Ten years ago, he saw a need for a unique, local butcher, deli, tap house and restaurant. He opened Choice City Butcher & Deli on Olive and College and hasn’t looked back. Robinson’s right hand, Anyssa Watkins, agrees that the tremendous success of the business is due to the fact that the customers have evolved the business […]


by ALICIA PADILLA Wasteland Hop is a six-piece______ (musical genre)  band from Fort Collins, Colorado. They like to do _______ (plural noun) in dumpsters, got picked up by a________(noun) while hitchhiking in Alaska, and spend all of their ______(noun) together. If you answered “Folk-Rock-Hip-Hop,” “photo-shoots,” “soap-opera star,” and “time,” you should either call Ripley’s or fess up that you’ve gotten the chance to see this energetic up-and-coming Fort Collins band. Wasteland […]