Genetics – Dr. Spookymuffin

Genetics_DrSpookymuffin_FrontCover_WEB4 stars out of 5

I’ve never met Dr. Spookymuffin, but he certainly seems to be a funky fellow. The debut album from locally based Genetics is impressive to say the least, displaying foremost their wide range of influences and versatility in an instrumentally-driven sound. Guest appearances from Chris Pandolfi of the Infamous Stringdusters on banjo and Chuck Morris of Lotus on saxophone, add to the depth of the jam-based album. The level of comfort between the band members themselves, however, is evident in seemingly effortless and smooth transitions. Displayed especially in such tracks as “Toss N’ Wash” and “Once Again”, exuding the confidence of a band well in to their career. Dr. Spookymuffin is a funk-laced creation, melding together the incredible talents of four artists and their jam companions. Look out for Genetics during some local album release shows, and don’t miss them at the Mishawaka for the July 2 Everyone Orchestra.

– Charlie Anderson

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