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Ras-Ka: Healing the Community with Cuisine

Sizzling sounds and intoxicating smells wafted out of the open kitchen doorway. Ras-Ka Ethiopian restaurant expanded about six months ago to accommodate about double the amount of people that used to squeeze into the kitchen area and patio. Everything inside the intimate atmosphere was crafted by hand: the floors, tables, bathroom, the copper lion at the top of a waterfall feature behind the bar, the custom glass work. The people […]

Mothers of Rock and Roll

These women are amazing. They can rock out with a guitar, sing, play trumpet, or be entrepreneurs, business owners, all while being mothers. We asked some of the incredible women in the Northern Colorado music scene to answer a few questions.  1. How do you balance your career and your personal life? 2. How do you incorporate music in your home? 3. How does your child inspire you? Dani Grant, […]