Hip hop-rock infusion act, Wasteland Hop, will return briefly to Fort Collins from touring in Alaska and prior to setting out for California and then Ecuador, where they will record their next album while living in Quito. While home, the band will host a special viewing session October 15 at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery’s OtterBox Digital Dome Theater and premiere their video for the single, “Only Us,” shot […]

Tiny Tot Halloween

Families looking for a safe alternative to trick-or-treating or just want to take their little monsters out for a fun Halloween adventure are invited to come out October 30, and participate in the much treasured and anticipated annual Tiny Tot Halloween. This event is designed for all the little ghouls and ghosts under seven, as well as their parents or guardians. The fun starts at 10am in Old Town Square, […]


Something From the Farm

Open since 1998, and operated by four generations of the Dory family including Jon and Lisa, along with Jon’s parents Zane and Margaret, Something From the Farm invites the community to come celebrate fall, farm style. Grab a wagon and visit their vast pumpkin patch brimming with a wide variety of pumpkins to choose from, a perfect place to find your Halloween jack-o’-lantern. Enjoy a hayride around the farm or […]


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience a live séance? Making contact with the dead through spirit messages like loud knocking or levitating objects? During the 19th century the Fox sisters, Kate and Margaret, ages six and eight, did just that. These two sisters turned their home into a place where friends and neighbors would gather to speak to those beyond the grave. Through the month […]

Magic Bus Tours

Want to go for an adventure? Whether you want to learn about the city’s craft beer scene, agriculture, brothels and bootleggers, local ghost stories, or the mysterious underground tunnel system, Magic Bus Tours and Charters will take you on an exciting journey of Historic Downtown. Since 2013, owner Michael Murphy has been guiding people on 90-minute interactive journeys back in time in a 21-seat limo bus, equipped with audiovisual devices […]


HEYDAY is a lifestyle shop located at 1939 Jessup Drive Suite 130 in the new Jessup Farm Artisan Village in Fort Collins. Owned and operated by Jennifer Little, HEYDAY is a 1000 square foot space that inhabits the Saddle Shop at Jessup Farm. The shop offers a variety of apparel for men, women and children, home furnishings and accessories that include custom upholstered pieces, as well as a fun mix […]

The Symbols – Smile

by CHARLIE ANDERSON 4 stars out of 5 There is little else to say about Smile besides “groovy.” Mer Sal takes center stage as bassist/songwriter/vocalist, flaunting pure and justified confidence in The Symbols’ first full-length album. She sings with power at times, funk at others, but always in full-force, with Jasco and Ika Pekelo maintaining a solid, bluesy backing throughout. The message is positive and clear (as the title suggests), […]

Finnders & Youngberg – Eat the Moon

by CHARLIE ANDERSON 4.5 stars out of 5 As usual, Finnders & Youngberg find themselves at the top of their game. The group’s latest release, Eat the Moon, appears seemingly effortless, as if such emotion and subtle power emanated naturally from their instruments and voices. Erin Youngberg exemplifies this characteristic so familiar with the band, her vocals hauntingly beautiful and poetic. On the other side of the coin, bandleader Mike […]

Kind Dub Krew – Weed the People

by CHARLIE ANDERSON 3 stars out of 5 As both the group’s name and the album title may subtly imply, there is a certain focus for Fort Collins’ stoner rap group Kind Dub Krew. Time to roll another blunt/don’t matter if you low/we got pounds up in the trunk they rap in “Hood Life,” with track names such as “Mt. Puffmore,” “Weed the People,” and “Daily Toker Interlude.” Short skits […]


Post Paradise – Bring It to Life (Side A)

3.5 stars our of 5 Nearly two years after the release of Digging Secrets, Fort Collins’ own Post Paradise is back in the driver’s seat. Side A of the two-part EP showcases the distinct vocals of Nick Starr Duarte, and, of course, the staple of Post Paradise in the cello of Amy Morgan, backed by Mark Roshon on drums and Chris Santolla on bass. Bring It to Life holds the […]