Photo By : Surreal Renditions Photography by Avalon Clare When Surfside 7 reopens in its Linden Street location, it won’t be the place Marlena Niforos grew up with. “I couldn’t walk into Surfside without being glared at as a teenager,” said Niforos, now Surfide’s bar manager. “You could also smoke in there back then, so it’s been through a ton of changes!” When Niforos was a teenage punk 10 years […]



by Anthony Cross In my life so far, I have observed the rise and fall of many artists. Many of these, who start locally and eventually make it,  tend to hold their earlier albums in a lesser regard, perhaps to do with having a major label, or just wanting to forget the earlier days of struggle and artist development. This trend seems to be consistent with the majority of artists […]



by C.T. ZEN You may have seen them dancing their hearts out at any live music event in the Fort, she throwing rose petals onto the stage, he “getting down” as only he can. They, of course, are  local icons Bailey and Dennis Stenson, owners and caretakers of Happy Heart Farm. Happy Heart was Colorado’s first community-supporting agriculture, in 1983, before the words “organic” or “local” were being used as […]

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The Local Link

Finding new fans can be a challenge for even the most seasoned bands. On the flip side, discovering new music can also be a difficult task for concertgoers especially those who aren’t willing to endure the latenight club scene in the middle of the week. In an effort to solve both problems at once in Fort Collins, SpokesBUZZ and The Lincoln Center have introduced The Local Link, a live music […]

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Anything Goes in Your Imagination: Genre-defying Entertainment at the Lincoln Center

by REBECCA LAPOLE This month, the Lincoln Center brings two inspiring acts that are perfect for audiences of any age: Black Violin and Recycled Percussion. Both events promise their audiences a remarkably unique experience. Recycled Percussion began as a high school talent show act in 1995 in New Hampshire. Since they finished third on “America’s Got Talent” in 2009, Recycled Percussion has played more than 4,000 shows and 400 corporate […]

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Incredible Edibles

by Holly Highlife The exact origins of cannabis edibles are a bit hazy. (Really?) One of the first recipes can be traced to the Alice B. Toklas Cookbook, where a recipe for Hashish fudge was published in 1955, and cannabis brownies have been unofficial hippie fare for nearly half a century. However, today’s legal recreational and medical edible markets have brought new and improved treats to the table. These aren’t […]


Strange Brews in the Capital of Beer

by Kyle Pogue I love beer. We throw that word around a lot in our society. Love. It becomes meaningless in overuse. I am not using it that way. When I tell you that I love beer, I am telling you something real and deeply felt. I am telling you about a love that makes me a better person. I don’t drink casually. I drink passionately. So much so, that sometimes the […]

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The Trendiest Twist on an Old Classic

by Gretchen Gaede Pretzel buns, pretzel bites, pretzel chips, pretzel rolls. It always surprises me when something that’s been a part of our food culture for centuries makes a mighty comeback. We’ve seen the rise of the beet, chef mastery of meat loaf, and culinary revival of the deviled egg, and now the soft pretzel has taken a proud spot on nearly every bar menu. While I am not normally […]

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Ensight’s Halloween Eye Ball

by Melody Bettenhausen When I was little, I didn’t understand what vision loss meant. My great grandma had trouble seeing things like the outlet and dials on the stove, but that was just because she was old, right? No. My mother, 50 years younger than my great grandma was also having trouble seeing, but again, I had very little understanding. I couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t see to drive me to […]


Old Town Halloween Zombie Fest Returns To Life October 24

by Dawn Duncan They’ve haunted us for years, kept us awake during Netflix marathons and sparked the doomsday idea of a Zombie Apocalypse. It seems that we, as a living, breathing, thriving society are indeed obsessed with all things walking dead. October is the finest time of the year to celebrate zombies, especially in Fort Collins, where non-profit organization Turning Point hosts a spectacular weekend of themed events, all in the […]