Burnside Bridge : Behind the scenes with Lunde Station

The first signs that fall is ending change year to year; winds made of pure bitterness, and the early signs of a snowstorm. These signs are indisputable proof that your dreams of summer are dead. In the midst of this chaotic nature, I sat down with Erik Lunde and Ryan Lennartson of the Americana Rock band, Lunde Station, to talk about their new music video. Filmed in Portland on a […]


Voices of Fort Collins

By: Rebecca LaPole Voices on radio help us navigate traffic, warn us of incoming weather, tell us who won the game, and keep us entertained during our commute. These same voices can also command our attention in person when introducing bands, the next lovely lady to grace the stage, or informing us about goings-on around town. Six of Fort Collins’ most unique and well-known voices took the time to answer […]


Swing on into the Swing Station

  by  Kelley Gilbert Some may know it by the name Tricky Dickies or The Glix. If you are really old, you may remember it as a carryout liquor store. However, nowadays, anyone who is anyone knows the lively and welcoming bar as Swing Station. Located just outside of Fort Collins in Laporte, Swing Station has become the go-to spot for locals and beer enthusiasts alike. Not only does the […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Musician’s Angel Network Launches

by Jennifer Lauren Bowers Most local musicians with enough experience have gotten the call. The “We-really-hate-to-ask-but-we-are-gonna-do-it-anyway-can-you-play-for-free?” call. It’s as hard a call to make as it is to receive. Usually hailing from a nonprofit organization, the call is not meant to undervalue one’s talent, or make light of one’s passions, but rather to give a musician the opportunity to use their gift for a great cause that supports their community. […]


by Holly Highlife Once upon a time, cannabis sold for $10 a bag that was more or less an ounce. You didn’t ask what kind it was; you just took it and were grateful. Armed with the knowledge at least half the weight was in seeds, you took it home and used an album cover to separate the green from the gross. A popping sound, a flying ember, and the […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community


by DAWN DUNCAN Though a long-time respected, best-selling NY Times author, David Sedaris is fast gaining a reputation as a stand-up comic.  His appearances have gained a cult-like following for his quirky readings that are at once poignant, smart—and hilarious. Colorado is in for a treat this month, first with Sedaris’ stop in Breckenridge on November 8 at the Riverwalk Center (4 pm; tickets at breckcreate.org) and then in Fort […]


by Avalon Clare When Jimmy Conway booked his first show in February of 2013, he had the kind of experience that comes with the territory of building a DIY music scene. It was frantic and frustrating, with one of the bands breaking up just days before the show and the local opener cancelling an hour before they were supposed to play. But it wasn’t discouraging—not to Conway, at least. Since […]

Music News

Skanson & Hansen Embark on “MAGICAL MYSTERY ADVENTURE”

by GREGG ADAMS Darren Skanson and Gregg Hansen of Skanson & Hansen know a thing or two about music in Northern Colorado.  With more than 50 years of combined experience, the two have not only co-fathered a unique style called ‘double-finger’ guitar, but are embarking on an exciting new project – ‘Skanson & Hansen’s Magical Mystery Adventure’.  We recently talked with both about their endeavor. Gregg Adams: Tell us about […]


Just in time for the holidays, a new fitness class seeks to focus all attention on putting good junk in the proverbial trunk. Work your gluteus to the maximus in 43Fitness’ new “Bootyfication” class, designed as a private training session for 1-8 people at $20 per person. The class is the brainchild of Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, Cassye Delphy, and is a set of exercises focused on giving […]