The Burroughs | New Singles

The Burroughs chose to record “You Are My Joy” and “1968,” two songs that have been resonating strongly with audiences at live performances. “‘Joy’ is always a crowd favorite at our live shows,” said lead singer and songwriter Johnny Burroughs. “We love hearing folks sing along with the chorus.” “1968” takes a more serious tone, reflecting on how current events echo the tumultuous landscape of the 1960s. Each track offered […]


A TRIBUTE TO Andrew Lawrence & Audri Fenmore

On January 7, a light went out in Fort Collins. Andrew Lawrence Stellmack, a 31-year-old female illusionist, artist, friend, and son, lost a short battle with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. In Northern Colorado, just being a gay drag queen would have been enough to make Andrew memorable. Those who knew him remember his youthful face, complete with radiant skin and high cheekbones. They remember the way he walked—rather, the way he bobbed and floated like a fairy. He brought […]

Travel the world with GlobalFEST

Emeline Michel has moved from her home in Haiti to New York and will soon be in Fort Collins to take part in globalFEST at the Lincoln Center this month. With her rich timbre and beautiful lyrics that lift up from the spirit we all share, Emeline will perform along with other Creole artists, Brushy One-String from Jamaica and Casuarina from Brazil. Emeline explained how the turmoil in Haiti has affected her music and lyrics. “I […]