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Modern Band Rockfest

Press Release by Bohemian Foundation Modern Band Rockfest, the only conference of its kind in the nation, will bring hundreds of music educators from across the country to the CSU campus July 19-22. The event is coordinated by the national nonprofit Little Kids Rock and is sponsored locally by Bohemian Foundation. Modern Band Rockfest is a conference for music educators, higher education leaders and school district arts administrators that focuses […]

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Social Wine Rack Night

by Gregg Adams I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for several years, and, like every other newbie, I was immediately sucked into the vortex of wine culture. While I enjoyed many great wines, I was frequently put off by the “holier-than-thou” attitudes of the winemakers and their tasting-room minions. It didn’t take long to know my winery vocabulary had better include words like “tannic,” “terroir,” “malo-lactic” and “appellation,” […]


Fort Collins Bike Week Highlights

While the entire month of June is officially Colorado Bike Month, this week is when the wheels really start spinning, and it all culminates in Fort Collins’ Bike to Work Day this Wednesday the 22rd. Bike to Work Day is the day that the city partners with local businesses,bike shops and nonprofits all over town to to set up nearly 50 stations that give out free coffee, breakfast, tuneups, resources, and […]


Slow Caves – Desert Minded EP

Only four songs deep, the latest EP release is quick to remind us why Colorado digs Slow Caves. Desert Minded is evenly layered with sentimentality, aggression, and guitar shredding. Frontman Jakob Mueller (vocals, guitar, synths) has lost none of his inner Julian Casablancas, rather, enveloping it and emanating an updated, original vision of leather-jacket nonchalance and punkish swagger.  Backed by Oliver Mueller (vocals, guitar, bass), David Dugan (guitar, bass) and […]


Grant Farm – Kiss the Ground

From the strange, disparate underbelly of our culture lays Grant Farm’s latest release Kiss the Ground. It offers a commentary of our increasingly ingrained societal ills and a commendation to those laboring from the lower rungs of the working class. Kiss the Ground is a concept album at its finest, underlining and analyzing the idea of the American working class from all sides, while never sacrificing the sound of Grant […]

Men of Letters – Reviver

Released early May, Men of Letter’s debut EP jumps into the middle of the edgy side of Fort Collins’ rock scene. Reviver is a four-song project, leaning heavily in the post-punk direction with certain metal influences and a full-throttle mentality throughout. Front man Chris Chavez leads the foray on guitar and vocals, offering “Relic,” his own creation, as the album’s sure highlight. “Game Changer,” however, kicks the EP off with […]


Race to Neptune – Oh Contraire

Race to Neptune is a band prone to versatility and impossible to nail down. Their latest release, Oh Contraire, underlines their extensive ambiguity, putting forth a sound that calls to mind everything from Pinback and Cage the Elephant to late ‘90s alternative and mid ‘60s psychedelia. It is an admirable characteristic of the modern artist to exude confidently such ambidexterity while holding concurrently the roots of an original and underlying […]

The 14ers – Westbound (single)

All the best adventures are only half-planned, croons frontman Ryan Kirkpatrick in The 14ers’ latest single “Westbound.” He continues in his lighthearted and upbeat demeanor, the tone and lyrics reminiscent of summertime in the Rockies. “Westbound” is optimistic and appreciative, much like the rest of The 14ers’ inventory, calling to mind the luring memories of looking west toward the Collegiate Peaks, the Nokhu Crags, or even Horsetooth Rock. It was […]


The 14ers: Climbing to New Musical Heights

by Kristin Curtis On July 20, 2012, Colorado native Ryan Kirkpatrick was leading a group of outdoor enthusiasts to the 14,000 foot peaks of Mount Shavano and Tabeguache Peak in Salida, when the idea for a song called “Get Some” engrossed his thoughts. He spent the next few hours coming up with lyrics all while tackling a 5,000 foot elevation gain. When the group reached the tree line, all was […]