Modern Band Rockfest

Press Release by Bohemian Foundation

Modern Band Rockfest, the only conference of its kind in the nation, will bring hundreds of music educators from across the country to the CSU campus July 19-22. The event is coordinated by the national nonprofit Little Kids Rock and is sponsored locally by Bohemian Foundation.

Modern Band Rockfest is a conference for music educators, higher education leaders and school district arts administrators that focuses on expanding the Modern Band movement in public school districts across the U.S. It all started with one public school teacher providing after-school guitar lessons rooted in popular music. That teacher, David Wish, founded the nonprofit Little Kids Rock and has since grown his idea into a national movement that brings free, weekly music lessons to nearly 250,000 public school children in 30 cities nationwide. The program trains and equips public school educators to teach kids to perform and compose in the popular music genres they already know and love, like rock, pop, hip-hop, country and R&B.

To date, Little Kids Rock has served more than 400,000 students. Here in Northern Colorado, Bohemian Foundation has partnered with Little Kids Rock to bring Modern Band education to more than 7,000 local Poudre School District kids. Little Kids Rock has become part of music programs offered by more than 50 teachers at nearly 30 schools in Poudre School District.

During the 2016 Modern Band Rockfest event, hundreds of Little Kids Rock teachers, Modern Band advocates, arts administrators and higher education leaders from across the country will come together for more than 30 hands-on teacher-led workshops, lectures, expert panels, informal jam sessions and discussions. Participants will convene to share ideas, develop new resources and collaborate in an effort to make Modern Band more accessible to students.

For audiences interested in seeing what Little Kids Rock is all about, local Little Kids Rock bands will perform weekly throughout the summer as opening acts for Lagoon Concert Series shows. The shows start at 6 p.m. every Wednesday night at the Colorado State University lagoon. On July 20, many conference attendees will have the opportunity to cheer on a local Little Kids Rock band and enjoy a concert in this series. Audiences also can catch Little Kids Rock performances at the Kids’ Music Adventure stage during Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest Aug. 13-14.

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