FoCo Cafe’s Fourth Annual Bike-In Music Festival

by Rebecca Lapole

When’s the last time you tasted the intention of love in the food you ate? Or rocked to a blues virtuoso at a farm? The FoCo Cafe will allow you to clear these questions up once and for all, with their intention-full food available six days a week, and the Bike-In Music Festival on July 24th at the Shire CSA.

Kathleen Baumgardner, new employee (one of three!) at the local, non-profit community-oriented restaurant, met with me there and can’t wait for the fun music coming to the Bike-in Music Festival this month. “It’s our fourth year! We incorporated the FoCo Cafe four years ago yesterday (6/10/12), and we started immediately doing pop-up events to build community around the idea of hunger and how we can make an impact.”

Their first Bike-In Music Festival was at the Spring Kite Farm off Taft Hill Road and featured Maxwell Hughes and Blue Grama. This will be their third year at the Shire, and Kathleen said, “We like the idea of featuring farms right in the city, and Shire is so centrally located, right on the bike trail. It’s family friendly, on grass, at a farm, not street-based and hot, you can bring your own food, and it promotes local agriculture.”

“One of the things we love and that we saw last year, [at the first festival] since we’d been open, was the live dessert auction: people bid on desserts and then shared them there with people they didn’t know. So you see a big cake with a million forks in it, that we provided for sharing. We also created a community painting with a canvas up during the show, and people could add to it during the festival. Last year’s was created during Von Stomper, and it is hanging up in the FoCo Cafe dining room. We like to challenge people to be a community and think of events as an opportunity for meeting people and being together.”

This year, local favorites Matt Skinner and Amanda Hofer will kick the festival off with powerful vocal prowess before the acclaimed folk duo Pandas and People take the stage, followed by big band soul with The Burroughs, and finishing off with the rich and deep blues of headliner Selwyn Birchwood Band, winner of the 2013 International Blues Challenge and Albert King Guitarist of the year. Partners with FoCo Cafe for this event include: FT (Fresh Truck), Shire CSA, Odell Brewery, Fort Fund, the Bohemian Foundation, and Biodeisel, who is picking up Selwyn Birchwood.

There are volunteer opportunities for people who can’t afford the $15 ticket price. “That’s our goal for all of our events; making it affordable,” Kathleen expressed. There will be plenty of parking for bikes, and if you need handicap access, let them know and they’ll get you into the venue safely and securely. It’s on Sunday, July 24, from 2:30pm-7pm “so families can get home before it’s dark,” Kathleen said. “It’s a beautiful day out on the farm.”

And think about the items you’ve got stowed away that you’ll never use… might there be someone else who could use these? Learn about the Giving Tree and what you can do to help keep it alive here:

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